October Community Spotlight


Greetings Pioneers!

Ever since Eden Star launched into Early Access in January this year, we’ve been amazed at the community’s response – from reporting bugs (and feeding us a constant supply of awesome suggestions!) to creating quality video content and some pretty dang impressive in-game bases! Our mantra with development of Eden Star has always been to work with our community, building solid foundations for new features whilst molding them using community feedback and our own passion to see Eden Star succeed – so for all your input so far, we thank you!

Today we’d like to give just a little something back – this will be the first of hopefully many Community Update blog posts, where we highlight some of the amazing stuff our community come out with on a regular basis. We hope this will encourage more people to get involved (links to our various community sites at the bottom of this post!).

Firstly, I’d like to do a quick shout-out to YouTuber Enigmius! Over the past few months he’s put out almost 30 videos of his adventures on Pharus 7 and we hope to see many more :) Go ahead and show him some love here!

So, without further ado… our updates last week introduced a whole load of new features, but one of our biggest changes came in the form of an entirely new and shiny Build system and you guys have been going all-out with it, using the new buildables to create your own (relatively) safe haven on Pharus 7. Below are just some of the cool things we’ve seen over the last week:




4-Mushy Snugglebites


My personal favorite though is this monster fortress by Quadraxis77. Fully kitted out with an arsenal of turrets and a huge gatehouse it’d be a long hard slog for any would-be invaders to get to that Eden Kit – at least until the Juggernaut comes along 😉

Well, that about wraps it up for our first Community Update! If you’d like to get involved, there’s a bunch of links below. We’ve also got a sub-reddit which can be found here!

– Joe

October Development Update


Greetings pioneers!

After all the action last week, you might be thinking we’ve been putting our feet up…
Think again! We’re still hard at work on multiplayer, getting rid of all the blocker crashes so that we can actually start to play and test it has been a big challenge. Thank you all for your patience, I know how much you want to play with your friends, we want to too!

Matt, Joe and Chris have been working hard on environmental asset placement for our new 8k map – we have waterfalls now! We are hoping these will provide natural landmarks and really cool backdrops for some of your amazing bases.

Speaking of amazing bases, we’re always looking through the screenshots and videos you awesome folk have been putting together. We’re planning on doing a community spotlight on Wednesday so get creative and keep them coming!

Your feedback is hugely important to us, thank you for all those who have been reporting any bugs and crashes, making suggestions and getting involved. We are working on resolving these issues alongside the development of new features. Working together we hope we can make Eden Star the best it can be, keep it up, you guys are awesome!

Here’s an update to what the team have been working on this week:

John – Lead Designer

This past week I have been fleshing out our progression system, utility designs and finalising the team designs for multiplayer.

Matt – Art Director

After a great few days at Eurogamer over the weekend I’ve been back in the studio working on the river areas within our 8km Island level, as well as setting up materials for new creatures and blocking out future mechanical assets for prototyping.



Lee – Technical Director

This week I’ve been doing some preliminary testing of AI within a multiplayer world and making a note of what needs more work. I’ve also been working on adding audio to our perception component because it only deals with sight at the moment.

Tristan – Senior Developer

Earlier this week I got the power system working with teams across a network so the enemy can’t power their turrets from your generators as that is apparently a bug and not a feature. Who knew. Well I did – we just didn’t really have teams back then. For the remainder of the week I have been modifying the smash logic for multiplayer so you can smash with others.

Yves – Senior Developer
Looking at a previous blog post I now apparently use the exclamation: ‘BOOOSH’, but then that’s what happens when you let someone else write your post. Anyway after our big release last week with the new build system, I’ve been finally unleashed on bringing multiplayer to a point where (Cue hipster advert music) you guys can hurt exterrestrial life, Together.

Joe – Environment Artist

I’ve been working hard on the new map. It’s a huge a new player space so there’s lots to do but we’re initially focusing on one quadrant and we’re making some great progress. I’ve placed in our first pass of foliage, as well as enemy Hives, neutral Flora/Fauna and of course Player Start points so we can actually run around the level! At the moment I’m on the exciting task of helping Chris and Matt place Apex rocks, keeping in mind our goals for exploration and resource gathering.

Ricky – Developer

This week I’ve been working on trying to resolve a few of the crashes that you guys have been having, as well as keeping up with all of you guys on the Steam forums!

I’ve also been working on getting the HUD and UI working for Multiplayer, trying to sort out any issues we are having.

Carlos – Developer

For most of this week I’ve been going through our multiplayer UI and getting it to look amazing and adding the functionality of course! The most important part is that I’ve been able to get our UI to host and join servers hosted here at Flix Interactive Towers!

Marcin – Designer

Good news everyone! The navigation system changes I mentioned last week are a go. Everything worked out better than expected so, since our multiplayer is still in quite an early stage, I was able to have a look at other gameplay systems we have and explore the room for improvement. To mention a few John, Andy, and I have been designing the team system for multiplayer, the re-spawn mechanics, new building blocks, new material properties, and many others, On top of that we are currently experimenting with a new approach to material distribution in the world. In summary, as the work on multiplayer continues, we are busy looking for ways to improve the core gameplay at the same time.

Chris – Designer

This past week I have been overseeing the development of the new map and making sure everyone is pulling in the same direction with the initial designs. This also includes helping out with placement of gameplay assets. I have also refactored all of our existing destructible rocks and set up new ones which are currently being placing in the world.

Tom – Character Artist
This week I have been working on the Splintermite Queen!

Lauren – Animator

This week I have been making a start on the Sniper Rifle first person animations, trying to get the on-screen position looking and feeling good. I have also been working on the Swamp Walker to make it even creepier, we’re reworking its attack to make him seem like more of a threat.

Gav & Simone – Concept Artists

Plant plants plants… and a fish! And a turret. –In the shape of a fish. Hidden under the disguise of plants

Andy – Lead QA

My week has been mostly spent in design meetings with John and Marcin discussing all the new and exciting things we plan to bring you guys in the future. Other than that I have been pestering Yves to get the multiplayer server up, mostly so I can test, partly because I am like a big kid when it comes to playing Eden Star! Ive also been spending all week singing Craig David after John showed me the Craig David/Killswitch Engage Remix.ha!!!

Sadly we are saying goodbye to the wonderful Carlos today and eating lots of farewell cake (the chocolate kind om nom nom). He is heading back to university to complete his final year in Computer Games Programming. Good luck! It’s been a pleasure working with you. Hope to C you again, may all your code babies work out beautifully efficient and object orientated :)

See you in the fray!
-Team Flix

v0.0.13 Hotfix and Development update

Greetings pioneers!
This week has seen the release of the big v0.0.11 and even a couple of hotfixes. We would like to thank everyone who has been letting us know about any of the critical issues so we could resolve them quickly – You guys are awesome :)

If you’ve missed the previous mentions, some of the team are at the NEC in Birmingham this week for EGX, showcasing Eden Star. If you’re around, come down and give us a high five, we’re in the Rezzed Zone!

So in the Hotfix today, we have (hopefully) fixed the issue with the Splintermites damaging the Eden Kit from a distance and the issue with not being able to rebind the Middle Mouse Button functionality to other buttons. We also realised the graphics settings were all being set to Ultra by default – which is why some of you might have been experiencing lower than expected frame rates. We had optimised a lot in v0.0.11 but might have been hard to tell with everything set to maximum! The full change list is below:

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Eden Kit being damaged by Splintermites from a distance.
  • Fixed Volume starting at 0 occasionally.
  • Fixed not being able to rebind Middle mouse button.
  • Fixed not being able to build in some parts of the world.
  • Fixed Graphics Settings being set to Ultra by default

Changes and Balancing

  • Increased the length of whole day to 25 minutes which now results in the day being 20 minutes long and the night 5 minutes long.
  • Lowered the base material cost of Foundations and Cubes from 8 to 5.

So as it’s Friday let’s have an update on what the team have been working on this week, exciting things to come!

John – Lead Designer

This week I have been helping the guys out with testing the latest builds, talking business, and towards the end of the week I have been at Eurogamer Expo at the NEC, showcasing Eden Star THE SWAMP, getting harassed by a Swamp Walker. 


Matt – Art Director

This week I have been testing releases, continuing work on the grenades and working with Joe and Chris, painting terrain on the mountains and setting up foliage volumes to get the right look and feel for the different Biomes across our huge new map. Today I am at EGX with John (that’s me in the green).

Lee – Technical Director

So this week I have been trying to get bugs fixed with the AI which don’t seem to want to play nice with the new build system. I’ve now also started work on getting all the AI to work in multiplayer, which seems to be going quite well so far…

Tristan – Senior Developer

This week I have been working on squashing bugs for the release we just put out. Hope you’ve enjoyed it so far. I wasn’t really focused on any one thing much like the rest of the team just a routine of find bug, fix bug, repeat. Since then we are all full steam ahead on getting everything ready for multiplayer. Getting the power system working across the network seems to just fill me with energy right to my core. DOUBLE POWER PUN.

Yves – Senior Developer

So you are enjoying the new construction system huh? You’re welcome :)

Marcin – Designer

With the patch 0.0.11 + hotfixes released I was able look towards some of the features that did not make the cut, such as the ability to grab, damage, and eventually rip the Cirrus Spore out of the ground with your Smash skill.


Another interesting thing I was looking into was the enemy navigation and its interaction with the new building system. Previously, or should I say currently, anything you build marks the ground it stands on as non-navigable, which in a few gameplay cases causes us (and you) problems. Did you ever see a Splintermite get stuck on seemingly clear ground? Yeah that’s most likely the culprit, no navigable route. I’ve been experimenting with marking the area as difficult terrain instead, and it seems to be going in the right direction so far.


Ricky – Developer

Cleaning up bugs and then got the multiplayer system back in working order ready for a thorough workout.

Carlos – Developer

This week I’ve been sorting out a few of the bugs left over, some of these fixes should be out with the next hotfix update. Aside from this I’ve been making a start on multiplayer, helping set up our multiplayer lobby UI.

Chris – Designer

This past week I have been playtesting and refining the current map including balancing tweaks and bug fixing. In the latter part of the week I have returned to working on the new 8km map, mainly focusing on adding foliage to the world before moving onto working on our new destructible rock assets.

Joe – Environment Artist

Over the past week I’ve jumped onto testing our latest builds to help ensure our massive update went out as smoothly as possible. I’ve also fixed the bug where you were unable to build in certain areas of the map so I want to see all of your awesome cave-bases! With the releases out I’ve had time to refactor the visuals on some of our Apex Rocks:



Lauren – Animator

This week, in between testing releases, I have been working on multiplayer and re-working the cutscene, animations and drop pod setup to work with multiple spawn points and players.

Gav & Simone – Concept Artists

We’ve been jumping around on various tasks this week but collectively we’ve mainly been working on the hive bases, the portable turret and some nice tweaks to the HUD interactions that hopefully the UI heads out there will appreciate :)

Andy – Lead QA

WE RELEASED AN UPDATE! Then I got to check out EGX on Thursday. We’ll be there all weekend so come say hi if you’re going down.  

As always if you encounter any bugs, continue to let us know. Don’t forget to check out our Trello board for all the latest developments and progress.

Happy hunting!
-Team Flix

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