Eden Star is a first-person, survival-creation game like no other, blending innovative physics based combat, destructible environments, freeform construction, resource management and completely dynamic free-running.

Gather mineral resources from the world of Pharus 7 in order to fund the expansion and development of unique and powerful technologies as you create, destroy and manipulate the world around you.


The year is 2685

In a world raised from the ashes of extinction, humanity is rescued from the brink by the discovery of a unique mineral that heralds great leaps in scientific understanding and the dawn of interstellar travel.

10 years after the first colonisation, the second frontier sees the fringe expand and colonists settle far along the outer rim. Over time, transmissions are mysteriously lost with the small outpost stationed on Pharus 7, Eden Star is dispatched to investigate.

The frontier now belongs to the hardened Pioneers of True Hope, Fair Dawn and Eden Star…

You are an augmented Pioneer stationed on the Frontier Class Migration Vessel; Eden Star, tasked with the successful reclamation of Pharus 7.

Key Features

Ultra Interactive Environments
Eden Star rewards ingenuity and presents both combat and environmental challenges that can be resolved and transversed in numerous ways. With an intuitive control system in place, Eden Star gives you the ability to manipulate your surroundings in a real-time physics environment. There are no pre-scripted answers, so adaptability is the key to success.

Free-flowing Combat
Combine different RMD Tool actions, attacks and abilities in order to survive against enemies and environmental hazards, each successful move boosting power to the Tool. The complexity of what can be achieved is only limited by your imagination.

Gather Resources
Dematerialise objects, minerals, and structures to gain resources. Use explosive or and implosive upgrades or simply grab something heavy and smash it into a target in order to break it into smaller chunks and dematerialise it more rapidly.

Build and Defend your World
Place resources within your Eden Kit to convert into credits to upgrade your Tool and Eden Kit. Alternatively, use gathered resources to materialise primitive objects and create buildings, traps, or form offensive structures in order to defend yourself. How you balance your resources is up to you.

Damage and Deformation
Watch as objects, enemies and environments deform and take damage in real-time using the latest PhysX and Apex destruction.