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August Development Update 2!

Greetings Pioneers!

This week has been all about AI and melee, as well as how they work together. We have been pulling together multiple systems this week and finally have something we can see all the areas working together as we designed, exciting times!

John – Lead Designer

As you can tell from our latest development work we’re focusing on injecting a lot of quality into key areas of the game, combat with creatures being the main pillar of a long with improvements to the player characters, their looks, and movement. We’re hoping to group these features together for concurrent releases as we get close to finishing them.

Matt – Art Director

Continuing work on the character setup for Lauren and refinements to her first person arms. I’ve also been setting up of the finished male mesh with textures and materials.

Going into next week I’ll be getting around to finishing the new first person arm meshes that go with the new characters, The heads and eyes will have better shader work done to them as well so they look more realistic!

Lee – Technical Director

So this week I have been adding new functionality to the planners to allow the designers more control over how they setup the behaviours and control the AI. The new behaviours are starting to come together now, while we identify new primitive tasks which are still needed.

Marcin – Designer

The goal for this week for me was to complete the first iteration of the generic melee combat behaviour for AI. I know this sounds like just redoing what we already had, but this is so very much not the case. We effectively took all of our previous systems, broke them down into tinier pieces and are now putting them back together in more effective combinations.

As an example of this process I can talk about the “Move” command. Previously we had a mother of all move tasks, which was responsible of performing every single type of AI move in the game. And in general it was always trying to move the AI to its target (usually you). We have taken a massive metaphorical sledgehammer to it (with massive help from Lee) and from the pieces we can now put together all kinds of different move tasks per desired behaviour, such as:

  • Well known and loved “move towards your target”,
  • Move away from the target, but maintain eye contact,
  • Walk slowly around, not looking at anything in particular
  • Strafe in a circle around a point, etc.

Another major part of the combat rework is the “attack component”, which I have very briefly mentioned before. It fills the role of a manager that unifies and communicates with all AI attacks in the game, (which I am also remaking under the new system). Previously every attack was implemented as an independent entity, with it’s own complete logic, timings, and data. That approach gave us a lot of freedom, but ultimately deprived us of the ability to maintain it, because, when you have 5 different functions that check if target is in range, after a while it was impossible to tell which one was the right one. I know it sounds crazy, but I guess this is what “work in progress” really means.

The new system groups various attacks into 1 of 3 categories: ranged, area, or melee. They make sense from the system’s perspective because each type requires different set of conditions, but ones that will always be shared for all attacks of the type. Centralising logic like this frees the attacks themselves to only contain logic that determines how the attack looks, sounds, and feels, and we can still do crazy things with that.

Tristan – Lead Developer

This week I have been researching localisation (***NOT*** with a ‘Z’) and all (well probably just some) of the woes that come with it. This should help us out a great deal with speeding up the localisation process when we come to it.

Ricky – Senior Developer

After extensive meetings with lee about a newfangled gizmo he’s created to thoroughly optimise a few of our HUD systems, I’ve been looking into some of the bugs which have appeared such as how servers sometimes not accepting parameters.

Lauren – Animator

This week I have been working with Marcin on the new Melee. I have started on new attack animations for AI that should give more variety to how our creatures engage the player. We are moving away from the zombie-like ‘run up to player then attack player until dead’ behaviour into something that should allow for more strategy and fun.

Andy – Lead QA

I’ve been looking into many of the issues that the community mention on the stream forums regarding multiplayer servers and certain player built assets taking environmental damage while inside an eden kit shield. Happy to inform that we have discovered the cause of these issues and we are working on a fix for them currently.

See you in the fray!

-Team Flix


Development Feature – Customisation

Greetings Pioneers!

Occasionally there is the need to break up the usual blog update with a more in depth feature. Which means.. For this glorious Friday we’ll be sharing our character customisation system plans and how we’re looking to implement it initially. Suggestions are welcome, and in fact we believe it is the whole point of developing systems in early access, even prior to a working version.

For the pipeline of the new character system, each Male and Female Character start with a wonderfully airtight base suit that supplies them with the environment they need to maintain body temperature and proper pressure on planets with denser or lighter oxygen atmospheres. Phew.. that’s the technical Jargon out of the way!

Then there’s the good bit. Each suit will be customisable with 3 different colours. A primary (Undersuit) secondary (Padding) and tertiary (Trim) colour. This should allow for colour variations on your pioneer that will please and offend the eyes. Ontop of this we’re thinking of including custom patterns, and the overall material look of your suit.

We’ve also been in consideration over setting up some basic but limited size scaling to make your character body appear slimmer or more muscular in size. 

Basic face and eye colourisation will be implemented to begin with, with a push to get in some facial feature adjustment (As you can see in the updated design pre-vis image below). Adjusting the scale and spacing of facial features is something we would love but would most likely be added later down the line! 

Armour sets that you build or find in the world are a separate matter. Because these are not decided on before launching into a game, we’re toying with having colour variants you can set. These may not be as unbound as the actual character suit customisation.. But then again if you want rainbow coloured adventurers anything is possible, apart from unicorns of course. Only space unicorns are possible.

All work and design is in progress, so your feedback is and will always be a beautiful thing. We can’t thank the community and new supporters enough for your patience. As suggested in the previous blog, once we have something enjoyable and cohesive with these in development features for you to test, you’ll obviously be the first to know about it!

See you in the fray

– Team Flix


August Development Update!

Greetings Pioneers!

Mainly arty updates for you this week, integration of the new look barren style landscape has started. More prep work for character customisation, and merging of the current latest build back into our main branch.

This essentially means the next update we do will begin to include the work we’re showcasing in the development blogs, which is exciting. Needless to say we want to be able to get it pretty polished beforehand so again, we thank you for your patience.

See details of what we’ve been up to below:

John – Lead Designer

Emails, Business, and Soul Reclamation, it’s what makes the world go around. You may notice some of our team is absent from this development update, this is because their contracts state that upon renewal their souls will be absorbed into the game, forever. (it’s in the small print)

Just kidding, they are all fine.. souls and all. Some just not very well, and others on vacation. The guys who have been here this week have been working 3 times harder to fill in the gaps <3

Matt – Art Director

Implementing what is essentially a re-work of our current terrain shader to properly accommodate the barren look to certain areas of the game. This has included a higher detail pass on the rocks that merge with the terrain providing a lot of the mantling surfaces. Very much a work in progress still.

The character customisation elements have started to be put into visual trial before they are integrated with the game system. Soon enough you’ll be able to define certain visual characteristics of the suit, skin and eyes.

Lee – Technical Director

Mainly this week I have been debugging AI and testing out the new ability for designers to create behaviour tasks in blueprint. I also managed to merge our latest Release stream back into the Main stream which was an arduous task.

Marcin – Designer

Continuing on from last week, we’ve had some play tests of the new parry and block melee mechanics. After I’ve had enough feedback I went ahead with the second iteration of the mechanic.

I even threw in a frivolous prototype of a finisher move, ugly, yet flashy. Following from there I continued with the integration of additional AI systems. A lot of boring stuff to be honest.

Alex – Designer

With Lee merging his AI stream into main, I had to reimport all of the AI spawners and test that they were working as intended. I also worked with Tom on getting the toolsets ready for the new environments.

Tom W – Designer

This week I’ve been working with Alex on making all the pretties for the new environment we are implementing a long with atmosphere tweaks to the world in day and at night. I also completed the revisions to the arm mesh for the new first person male character model.

Andy – Lead QA

I was knee deep in spreadsheets towards the end of the week, however it wasn’t all bad. I replied to a few peeps questions on the Steam forums and on Discord (yes, we have a Discord).

Had lots of design meetings with Tom, Alex, Matt and John regarding the new environmental assets we are adding to the game, went throw the new melee finishing moves prototype with Marcin. Lee was also able to merge his AI stream with the main stream so I have loads of new AI behaviour types to test.

See you in the fray!

-Team Flix