Pre-Order Eden Star

Thank you for supporting us!

Your pledge will go directly towards the development of the game and help develop it to the standard we have always aimed for.


All backers will be given access to the Pre-Alpha Combat Tech Demo so you can get a taste of the whole game even before the Alpha!

Note: Because we are committed to developing the full game, the Combat Tech Demo will not be updated regularly. Feedback and suggestions on the Demo will be used to refine the main game.

Recommended minimum specs for running the pre-alpha combat tech demo are listed as follows.

  • i5 processor
  • 4 gigabytes of RAM
  • Nvidia Geforce 560 graphics card  (or the ATI equivalent)


Game Road Map

Alpha Build ETA Q4 2014

  • Physics-based combat
  • Environmental destruction
  • Dynamic freerunning movement
  • Large sandbox map (not procedurally driven)
  • Dynamic day and night cycle
  • Multiple enemy types
  • Cornerstone building mechanic
  • Multiple construction tile types
  • Mineral harvesting
  • Locally hosted multi (2-4) player co-op
  • Single Pioneer Character
  • Craftable items, weapons and defences
  • Automated defences ( i.e turret)
  • Robotic Allies
  • A selection of RMD Upgrades
  • Planet Map with a choice of Landing Zones

Eden Star will be available for PC and will be localized for English only for the initial release. However, due to demand and funds raised this may change to accommodate more languages.

All backers will be granted access to the backer-exclusive Alpha forums, where backers can provide input and will be polled on specific game development decisions.

*UPDATED* Estimated Alpha release date: Q4 2014

Eden Star will initially be distributed via Steam and Humble Bundle, with Desura distribution at a later point.