v0.2.8 Experimental Branch Update – Singleplayer Only

Greetings Pioneers!

With our best efforts in tow, our updated singleplayer is now in the experimental branch for everyone to try. One dastardly and illusive crash in our multiplayer build is preventing us from a full release into main. But we’re not letting that stop us get something out for everyone to play, as we realise our endeavours are nothing without your interaction with the ongoing development of the games revised mechanics and features.

So with haste, the latest change list for our experimental branch is down below. If you’re unfamiliar with accessing experimental builds you can simply:

  • Right click on the game in your steam Library and go to properties
  • Click the betas tab and select Experimental Branch from the drop down menu to opt in.

This will begin to download the current experimental build. If nothing happens straight away, we recommend you restart steam.

Experimental branch changelist:

  • Upgradable Turrets! – The Laser Turret, Auto Turret and Missile Turret can now be levelled up similarly to the Eden Kit, improving their stats and visuals!
  • Upgrading the Eden Kit now changes the Eden Kit model.
  • New explosions and sound effects for structure destruction. Different utilities explode in different ways depending on their purpose.
  • New surface impact effects for every combination of surface type and weapon!
  • New fracture/destruction effects for each type of mineable rock.
  • Added ability to skip the Intro sequence.

  • Tweaks to Intro sequence wave difficulty. Removed C21 waves if you arrive after dawn. Please note the intro sequence is heavily work-in-progress and will change considerably!
  • Updated all mineable rocks – larger rocks should perform better in Multiplayer.
  • Improved PFX for all turrets. Turrets should also look more epic as they’re levelled up!
  • Removed Candy Cane from loot drops!
  • Reduced IKA viper rate of fire.
  • Balanced base turret level stats to do more damage.
  • Temporarily disabled several Colony bases to improve load times whilst we work on speeding up the loading of buildings.

  • Fixed several places in the level the player could get stuck (thanks for reporting them guys, keep ‘em coming!).
  • Fixed an area of the map where you could build outside of the playable space, potentially causing a crash.
  • Fixed a variety of level visual inconsistencies and collision problems.
  • Fixed Eden Kit levels not resetting their health when upgraded
  • Fixed an issue where the kinetic laser didn’t consume energy when fired.

You can view the current known issues here. Any feedback on this release is highly appreciated <3

See you in the fray!

-Team Flix