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The Paladin

These guardians are elite augmented shock troopers, tasked with defense and/or retrieval of Spire technology in conjunction with precognitive assault duties against aggressors, opportunistic pirates/corporations and rebellious colonists. They are traditionally considered to be the hand of the Citadel amongst the stars; the elite, blessed warriors, unparalleled in combat and void of emotional recourse. The purpose of a Paladins existence is dedicated to exalting the technology crafted from within the forge by the machine-mind, nested within the core of the Citadel Devinium. The law that drives their judgement is written directly into their central cortex and has become a form of religion spawned by the Council of Nations. These laws are the judgement that they enact upon anyone or anything that threatens humanity, or more specifically, the Council and its allies.

eden star guard posed


This is just a small snippet of the lore surrounding this character and so I hope everyone likes the piece – anyone notice that the Drone under foot does not appear to be mechanical…?

Plenty more coming soon…

Eden Star – A New Frontier

So what are we actually up to? We’ve been hard at work developing a preview trailer for the game itself, to showcase how we want the the final game to feel. In parallel we’ve been coding away equally as hard at the gameplay, which we will be featuring more later in the summer.

To cast more light on the games atmosphere and lore we will be doing several features on an upcoming trailer. This weeks development snippet has been put together by myself, Matt, the art director here at Flix.

This is by far one of the larger game assets I’ve been developing, I’m going to briefly present the Eden Star herself! which I’ve been working on for the past month, detailing, and getting the large scale feel right. The ship design came about from many different movie and game influences, and is quite monstrous in terms of real world size.

The images shown are taken from mesh development to a glimpse of her near to final appearance in Engine.

eden star frontier class migration vessel

So a bit of information about the ship…

The Eden Star is a Frontier Class Migration Vessel (FCMV) sent out to Pharus 07. Her mission – to support and deploy teams of colonists and miners that you are spearheading, mainly for acquisition of rare and exotic resources which ultimately is one of the games focal mechanics. She is about 1 km in length and supports a crew compliment of 2,500. She is also the first vessel to of been sent out this far, kitted out for deep space colonisation and advanced deploy-able hardware for Terra forming.

I’ll leave it short and sweet as I’ve been told I can’t spoil too much…

Next week we’ll be previewing some more aspects of the games visuals, with some very beautiful concept pieces from one of our resident ninja artists – Gavin Li.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’re as excited as I am about this year!