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MATA-Tool Upgrades : The Gauss Gun

Hello again from the Flix studio!

We’ve shown a lot about the environment of Eden Star, but very little on the really cool stuff such as MATA-Tool Upgrades…

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing your new best friend, the Gauss Gun.


eden star gauss gun model


We want you to feel like the badass you are when you step out into the wild lands of Pharus 7, and we thought the best way to give you that feeling was to put a rapid fire electromagnetic cannon inside your arm.

Watch the video below and see it in action! Please be aware that development is ongoing on this, so models, animations, materials, PFX, and sound may change.



Your MATA-Tool on your arm can equip a variety of modules that extend and augment its capabilities. The Gauss gun is one of those modules, which you may construct at your Eden Kit.

The Gauss Gun fires a hail of tungsten flechettes that are electromagnetically accelerated along its extended barrel, powered by supercapacitors included in the base of the magazine.

The best thing about the Gauss Gun is that unlike other weapons (yes, there are more weapons!) you can continue to use the MATA-Tool’s secondary and tertiary functions without needing to unequip it! This means you can do cool things like pick up an enemy and unload a barrage of flechettes into it and then slam it into a wall to finish it off!

There’s no thrill like overkill.

See you again soon!