Monthly Archives: October 2014

Dev Update – October

Hello again and Happy Halloween from the Flix Studio!

The team here have been very busy packing the game with awesome things! Here is a quick update on what we have been hard at work on this past month:

  • Huge landscape and environment development
  • Equipment, Construction and Eden Kit menus
  • Making Splintermites tougher and creepier
  • Further weapon development
  • Material shard spawn logic and balancing
  • Visual and efficiency Improvements to trees, rocks and destruction
  • Improvements to build module snapping
  • Foundation and support system for built structures
  • Implementing audio

We will be ramping up the update frequency in the next few weeks as we get more of the core features we want in place and move on to bug squishing. Next week we will be revealing the Pistol with a brand new video!

In the mean time here is some in-game eye candy:

eden star forest

In-Game screenshot of one of the forest areas under development in UE4

Over and out, Pioneers!