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Eden Star Now Available on Steam Early Access!

Eden Star is Now Available on Steam Early Access!

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Welcome to Pharus 7 Pioneers,

2015 is an exciting year for us, it is also exciting for all those who have followed and pre-ordered the game so far through our site. As explained in our previous blog, unfortunately we will no longer be taking purchases of the game through the Humble Widget. We will however now be offering through Steam Early Access. Also all the people who already bought the game through our Humble Widget will receive Steam Keys in the coming days.

For those who are unfamiliar with early access process it is really simple. The earlier you buy the game the cheaper it will be. You will get our super shiny Pre-Alpha, and all subsequent builds we push out all the way up to final release.

We’ve had some amazing feedback off our Humble backers so far. We can only thank you for your patience and support over the last year. It really has been humbling, pun very much intended, to hear all your feedback and we are taking it all in board as we look to the future of Eden Star.

If you wish to purchase the game go to our store page on steam here:
Steam Store Page

You can read more information about our Early Access plans and builds here:
Steam Community Discussions

Also if you want to keep up to date with our road map for the future, you can head on over to our Trello board to see, and talk about, all the shiny features coming in the future here:
Public Trello Board

Note: There is NO save system in v.0.0.1

We’ve also released our launch trailer, if you missed it, or perhaps just fancy a cheeky second watch. You can watch it here:

Our focus will now be firmly set on making the game as brilliant as possible, realising the full design, and taking on board all of the communities input and feedback throughout the entirety of the Early Access process.

So, with the build now ready, we hope you enjoy it, albeit in an early state! Now it would seem there is only one question Pioneer.
How long can you survive on Pharus 7?

Early Access Release Date!

eden star steam capsule banner

Welcome Pioneers (The faithful amazing people you are!),

Today we are delighted to announce our target release date for the Eden Star Early Access Pre-Alpha build v0.0.1.

On Friday January 30th the build will be uploaded to Steam.

To all of you that have supported us to date via Humble, the purchase widget on the Eden Star website has been temporarily removed from the site and we have an email going out to you early next week (we just need to update a few item descriptions this weekend, then compile, test and upload the build to Humble!) informing you that you will now have exclusive access to the build prior to the 30th.

In addition, we will also be sending our early backers an “Art of Eden Star v0.1” PDF book to download as a small thank you for being the first to believe in the project, this will also be distributed via Humble.

The team at the Flix have been hard at work these past few weeks, fixing issues, polishing the basic level and stomping on those pesky bugs.

So, a massive thanks for your time, support and patience. Stay awesome!