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v0.0.5 Hotfix – Released!



Greetings Pioneers!

Firstly, we can’t thank you enough for all your valuable feedback following our humongous previous update.

Regarding balancing and other issues, we’ve been hard at work doing some much needed tweaking for this hotfix which you can play right now when steam updates your copy.

We recognised that everything was a bit of a grind previously! So most notably in this update you’ll see that upgrades and items now have a substantially reduced cost.

Turrets are now a lot more effective and look more powerful. This should make a big difference to the way the game plays. For the first few nights bases with turrets can defend themselves with no player intervention (if set up correctly)

A lot of stability issues and A.I. bugs have been addressed also.

Our first walk through guide has been added as well with this hotfix so please check this out if there’s something you don’t understand, or if you’re new to the game. This will be updated on a regular basis as the new features roll in.

Note: Due to our small team size and being fluent only in the tongue of the Queens English, we actively encourage community translations of our guide.

Full change list is as follows –



  • Optimised Enemy rendering by adding Level Of Detail models to Splintermites and IKAs.
  • Improved Turret firing PFX and animations.
  • Fog visuals now change with the Day and Night cycle.
  • Made several optimisations and improvements to the foliage shader.
  • Improved blending and animations for Crouch and Jump.
  • Improved Vertical Wall Run animation.
  • Optimised various enemy-related PFX.
  • Added extra checks so that Splintermites will attack structures if they can.
  • Improved visuals of grass by removing harsh self shadowing.
  • Reduced the amount of time a Turret will try to target something before giving up.
  • Quick Start and Normal have been re-named to Normal and Hardcore respectively.
  • Renamed some of the Upgrades.
  • Performance Optimisations to Enemy Targetting Reticles and Arrows.
  • Prevented the ability to build the Eden Kit inside geometry (e.g. on steep slopes).
  • All upgrade costs have been re-balanced and most early-game upgrades have been made cheaper. Please let us know if you have any feedback!
  • Increased Turret turn speed.
  • Increased Turret damage per shot from 8 to 15.
  • Reduced cost of Regen Module.
  • Reduced cost of all Primitive items. In addition, Foundations now only require one Protonite.
  • Reduced cost of building an Eden Kit – this also results in your Eden Kit being cheaper to repair using the Regeneration module.
  • Re-balanced the cost of Defence structures.
  • Increased the default range of Kinetic Blast.
  • Increased default damage dealt by Kinetic Laser.
  • Decreased cost per second of the Kinetic Laser.
  • Increased amount of damage dealt by Smash.
  • Increased the health of the hives slightly at their base level.
  • Increased the amount of Splintermites that wake when approaching a hive from 2 to 3 at the base level.
  • Lowered Splintermites melee damage.
  • Increase the amount of time it takes for Hives to level up. This should now result in fewer enemies appearing during the first days of gameplay.
  • Decreased the minimum and maximum amounts of hives active in the world at any given time.


  • Fixed a crash to do with respawning at the Eden Kit.
  • Fixed a crash with the Ika pathing routine.
  • Fix for not being able to respawn because eden kit respawn area is inside other geometry (respawn timer goes into negative numbers and decreases forever).
  • Fixed parts of the world where Splintermites were randomly disappearing.
  • Fixed Splintermites sometimes getting stuck underground.
  • Fixed an instance where Splintermites wouldn’t attack you.
  • Fixed an issue with Ikas falling sluggishly through the air.
  • Fixed an issue causing offscreen enemy target markers to disappear.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to build structures inside fallen Eden Kits which would delete the item and leave the hologram in the world.
  • Fixed being able to build your Eden Kit so that the Regeneration Area appears inside meshes/terrain. This should prevent you accidently spawning inside things!
  • Fixed a bug causing floating branches/leaves on certain trees.
  • An issue where new Hives were never created at night time has been fixed.
  • Fixed some areas of the map where structures couldn’t be built.
  • Added a fix for some AI not being able to select a new target to attack.
  • Fixed Gauss Gun sometimes showing 00/000 ammo.
  • Fixed an issue where you could mine and the hand would remain in the idle position.
  • Fixed an issue causing flickering holograms.
  • Fixed Right Click not cancelling build holograms.
  • Fixed an issue causing the build placement animation not to play.
  • Fixed being able to go inside ramps, which was causing issues with players/AI getting stuck.
  • Fixed missing Material on broken panel pieces.
  • Fixed decals casting on First-Person meshes.
  • Fixed not being able to Quick Craft things in your your Quick Start inventory.
  • Fixed Eden Kit smoke appearing when it shouldn’t.
  • Fixed issue with getting stuck inside Turrets when wall-running into them.
  • Improved/Fixed Scrollbars within all UI Menus.
  • Fixed Player Statistics to show correct Time Played and Days survived and enemies killed.
  • Fixed a bug where the Eden Kit Menu wouldn’t show more than 6 Eden Kits at a time.
  • Fixed bug where Turrets would not display a name when hovering over them with the reticle.
  • Fixed bug where the hand would get in the way of menus on both the Pause Menu screens and the popup Tutorial screens.
  • Fixed issue where you could mine while having the Quick Inventory (Middle Mouse Button) Menu open, which would cause the selected inventory item to change.
  • Fixed Eden Kit UI popup to properly display how many of the selected item you can withdraw/deposit to and from your Eden Kit Inventory when you don’t have enough space for the amount you did select.
  • Fixed a bug where Out Of Energy would not display when the Tool has no energy.
  • Fix for camera blending incorrectly during mantling.
  • Fixed up mantle animations and blending.
  • Adjusted eye height blending when landing.
  • Fixed players being able to fall through and get stuck inside Ramp primitives.
  • Fixed bug when performing a vertical wall run and hitting a turret and getting stuck.
  • Fixed resolution issues when changing resolutions and windowed modes.
  • Fixed settings for Mouse X and Y inversion not persisting from main menu through to game.
  • Fixed volume settings being too loud initially.

You can view the latest known issues on our Trello board.

Happy hunting!

– Team Flix

v0.0.4 Released!


Greetings Pioneers,

Today’s release is a rather large one. Over the last six weeks we’ve been working especially hard adding and debugging our flying A.I. creature, know as the IKA. We can safely say it adds another dimension to the combat play, so be prepared for some vertical madness!

We’ve also focused heavily on balancing the whole game, including the new upgrades we’ve added. This is an ongoing process, so please do continue to let us know what you think and we’ll review any feedback and feed further balancing changes into upcoming updates.

Now, prepare yourself, for the full list of new features and fixes below.

Patch Notes Version 0.0.4

  • New enemy – IKA. It’s a flying creature which uses superheated mineral blobs for projectiles.
  • New Defense Structure – Energy Pillar. Construct and place Energy Pillars to create laser walls between them. Rotate the Pillar before placing to choose your connections.
  • Added wall-running, which allows you to run horizontally and vertically along flat surfaces by holding the Shift key.
  • New Regeneration Module added. This will allow you repair your existing structures.
  • New Upgrade Tree functionality and interface. Spend materials to unlock new upgrades for your Modules. Once unlocked, an Upgrade can be Activated/Deactivated by your Eden Kit. Each Module has a limit of how many upgrades can be active on it at any given time, so choose wisely before venturing out.
  • New Kinetic Force Module Upgrades.
  • New Gauss Gun Module Upgrades.
  • New Energy Harness Module Upgrades.
  • New Regeneration Module Upgrades.
  • Added Save Game Upgrade from previous versions
  • Key bindings and the ability to remap them has been added to the options menu.
  • Updated Day and Night Cycle. The day and night now have different lengths, new balancing, and additional visuals for dawn and dusk. Days are now longer, nights are shorter.
  • Added first-person character body. You can now look down and see your legs!
  • Added new wind effects to foliage in the world.
  • Options Menu has been split into Sub-Menus.
  • Added X-axis inversion to the Options Menu.
  • Added Weapon Spread to Pistol, Rifle and Gauss Cannon.
  • Structures can now be “sold” by using the Energy Harness Module with the Reclaim upgrade activated. This functionality replaces the “Undo” ability, which is now obsolete and removed.

Energy Harness

  • Extended Energy Straps – Increase range at which the base module can perform desired action. This will only affect mining and not smash as they are are two separate parameters.
  • Vortex Drills – Damage when mining will receive a percentage boost which allows the player to mine items twice as fast.
  • Increase Energy Gained – The amount of energy gained when mining from plants and leaves etc will receive a percentage boost allowing the player to refill their energy counter quicker.
  • MATA-Combat (Smash) – Free Upgrade – Allows the player to pick up enemies and fling them at objects with each hit applying damage. This can be chained together allowing for greater combinations and damage to be dealt.
  • Impactful Smash – Increase the amount of damage each smash hit deals to an enemy.
  • Brutal Deconstruction – Gain small amounts of energy per smash
  • Reclaim Materials – Free Upgrade Provides the player the ability to sell any of their existing structures based on health remaining.
  • Recycle Structure – If the structure is at full health, you get 100% of its cost. Additionaly, structures (but not Primitives) with no damage taken are returned to the inventory.


  • Reduce Time – Reduces the percentage of time it takes for the regeneration to complete.
  • Reduce Cost – Reduces the cost to the player’s materials required to regenerate a structure from the default 75% to 50%.
  • Module Range Increase – Increases the range at which the player can initiate the regeneration of a structure. This excludes the AOE effect which is included in a separate upgrade. However it does take into account the capture upgrade.
  • AOE Repair – Activates an “Area of Effect” on the module allowing players to regenerate a greater amount structures at the same time. Requires Power Shift button to be pressed (Control).
  • AOE Range Increase – Increases the range at which the AOE can be effective on structures. Requires the AOE upgrade to be active for it to be functional.

Gauss Gun

  • Increase Rate of Fire – Allows the player to shoot targets quicker than they could previously however does increase the likelihood of depleting ammo a lot quicker than previously.
  • Increase Spread – Increases the amount of spread dealt by the weapon when fired. Allows greater area of bullets to hit targets. (Can not be activated with Decrease Spread Upgrade)
  • Increase Module Accuracy – Decreases the amount of spread caused by the Gauss Gun allowing for greater accuracy when hitting single targets. (Can not be activated with Increase Spread Upgrade)
  • Increase Spread While Moving – Additional upgrade used in conjunction with Increase Spread node allowing the player to greatly increase the amount of potential targets hit at any given time.
  • Increase Accuracy While Moving – Additional upgrade which will decrease the spread when moving allowing for greater accuracy.
  • Increase Damage – Each bullet that hits its target will deal a greater amount of damage per hit. Will allow the player to kill multiple amounts of enemies quicker.

Kinetic Blast

  • Range Increase – Increases the range which the module can be reach its target. Will also affect Kinetic Laser.
  • Kinetic Laser – Holding down the Blast button will continuously apply damage to its target via a powerful laser which is emitted from the MATA tool.
  • Damage Increase – Increases the amount of damage the Kinetic Laser causes.
  • Force Increase – Only applied to blast. Will increase the force at which the target is pushed back from their starting position. The player will be able to push single enemies further away than they previously could.
  • Propulsion Blast – Each blast will push the player back. Ideal for jump attacks and propelling yourself higher when in mid-air. Requires Power Shift button to be pressed (Control)
  • Reduce Energy Cost – Decreases the amount of energy consumed every time the module is used. Upgrade is applied to both Blast and Sustained Blast.
  • Pulse Amplifier – When unlocked and active, Kinetic Blast will now deal damage to targets it hits. It also allows for player to quickly break rocks and trees aiding when mining although does increase the chance of some materials being destroyed when hit with the blast.
  • Kinetic Laser Effective Range Increase – Increases the effective range of the Kinetic Laser, so it does maximum damage at a greater distance.
  • Kinetic Manipulation Module has been temporarily removed from game, because it was not providing any relevant gameplay at this stage.
  • Increased run speed from 150% to 180% of player walk speed.
  • Drastically lowered Splintermites’ movement speed when burrowed.
  • The melee attacks has been heavily tweaked. They should now perform more believably and usefully.
  • A lot of AI balancing and changes. New pathing system for enemies has been implemented, which includes plenty of improvements and possibly few new bugs.
  • Kinetic Laser’s damage is now reduced by the distance to the target.
  • The base range of Kinetic Blast, Regeneration Module, and Energy Harness is now consistent, but shorter than before. It can be increased via upgrades.
  • Material shards will now remain on the floor for ~60 seconds, up from ~15 seconds.
  • HUD displays an “Out of Energy” warning when the Tool is out of energy.
  • HUD displays when Eden Kits are out of Power from too many structures dependent on them.
  • Quickbar now states when you haven’t got enough Materials to Craft an item.
  • Save System slots in the menu now displays total time played.
  • Added Video Settings confirmation window functionality.
  • Normalised Mouse Sensitivity values as some users thought the minimum was still too high.
  • AI will now only send one patrol group per hive, per night.
  • Improved major slowdown when smashing enemies into trees
  • Fixed bug with Turrets firing at dead Splintermites
  • Fixed bug with Turrets not picking a new target if they lose line of sight.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed turret to be built submerged in the ground.
  • Fixed a bug that caused bushes regrow through your structures when you were away from your base.
  • Fixed various bugs which allowed certain actions to continue when they should be interrupted, such as displaying of a structure hologram after swapping to weapons.
  • Fixed bugs with Options Menu Graphical Changes.
  • Fixed bugs with some Options Menu settings not being set correctly on startup.
  • Fixed bugs with Quick Start items not being Quick Craft-able or in some cases stackable properly.
  • Fixed a bug where Objective Prompts could appear over the Death Screen.
  • Fixed Mouse Sensitivity and Inversion not being applied properly on startup.
  • Fixed some Scrollbar bugs which made them non-interactive or non-responsive.
  • Fixed issues with Glow Plants being the wrong colour/size at certain distances.
  • Fixed missing impact effect on turrets.
  • Fixed melee using energy when it shouldn’t.
  • Fixed issue where players could build Eden Kits in non playable areas resulting in automatic death to the player when respawning.
  • Fixed seam in small parts of the landscape
  • Fixed pfx crash when absorbing materials
  • Fixed rare crash that occurred when player dies and is about to respawn
  • Multiple other bug fixes… too many to mention

We have updated the Known Issues list to reflect the current version, Please let us know if you find any bugs that are not listed.

0.0.3 Saves – Please Note:
While we have made every effort to allow old 0.0.3 saves to open, we recommend starting a new game to get the full experience of this update. If you saved during the night, there will be a new swarm of enemies spawned (one patrol group for each hive nearby) upon load. On new saves however, the AI Manager should remember if it has sent a patrol group out for that night or not. Also to obtain the Sell Upgrade you will need to manually activate it (it should be unlocked), when you start a new game it will be unlocked and activated by default.

Before we leave you to engage in survival combat on Pharus, we would like to announce the winning creature name for our bi-pedal fauna. Through vote of popularity ‘Vogel’ is the winner, with a close runner up for ‘Narnar’. We had hundreds of votes in total so thank you to everyone who participated. The ‘Vogel’ will be arriving on Pharus soon in a future update.

Lastly, we’re trying to crash E3! so if you can give us a vote, which will give you access to a click fest mini game. If we get some serious points on the board we may stand a chance of getting there. Which would be absolutely amazing!


Please follow this link to cast your vote for us and play the clicker game to earn us points!

Happy hunting!

– Flix Team

April Development Update


Greetings Pioneers,

Our week has been full of testing, nose to the grindstone development, and one mysterious April fools cheesecake.

We were hoping to get an update to you by the end of this week, but due to unforeseen circumstances we’re going to be pushing the update release back to ensure stability. This means that we will be making every effort to get v0.0.4 update out to you next week!

Just as a quick re-cap, here is a list of the major features that are making it in for v0.0.4;

  • An AI Overhaul – Rewritten all AI to utilise a task graph rather than a behaviour tree. Creating less rigidity and more fluidity, to allow the AI to adapt to changes in the word and more effectively react to the players actions.
  • Laser Walls – Static posts that can be placed in the ground, between which a Kinetic Beam acts as a barrier to any ground based enemies. NOTE: Laser Walls combined with turrets are very useful for channelling enemies into kill zones.
  • Alien Ika’s – A flying enemy that shoots volatile and corrosive projectiles from a distance.
  • Ika Hives – Even evil alien flying squids need somewhere to call home.
  • Wall Running – Added ability to run up or along vertical surfaces, acts as a buff awesome way to navigate the environment and your base.
  • Reclaim and Recycle Upgrades – Added RMD/MATA-Tool upgrades to enable Pioneers to reclaim materials from a structure back into their inventory.
  • Regeneration Module – Added structure repair module with its own upgrade tree.
  • RMD/MATA-Tool Upgrade Tree Expansion – A plethora of upgrades that include faster mining, adding extra single blast damage, increased mining range and more.
  • Gauss Gun Module Upgrades – Increase the spread of the Gauss gun, its effective range and more.
  • Key-Remapping – Re-assign keys and save any custom keyboard mappings.
  • Day Night Cycle Update – Added dawn/dusk sky colours, lengthened the daytime period, and introduced further optimisations.

Our aim is to ensure we release features that are cohesive and enjoyable to play. However, instead of leaving everyone waiting, we’ve taken some footage and screenshots from one of our current development builds for you to feast your eyes upon.

The following video and screenshots are development previews including some of the new content we’ll be introducing.

Please bear in mind that all of these features are work in progress for future updates and are subject to change.

New Defenses: Laser Perimeter WallsESDevScreen3_April

Kinetic Blast UpgradesESDevScreen4_April

Flying Enemies (IKA) AttackESDevScreen1_April

Day & Night Cycle updatesESDevScreen6_April

-Team Flix