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v0.2.6 Christmas Hotfix!

Greetings Pioneers, Happy Christmas!

This is the last hotfix for 2016, we’ve fixed up the last bits to make sure that Save files should save and load appropriately… We’ve had a number of bugs that you have raised over the past few days and wanted to show our commitment to you by pushing through and get these sorted as much as possible before the year is out.

Thank you for sticking with us and for your feedback, please keep sharing and telling others about it – we’ll be giving away a number of Steam keys to those of you in the community who retweet and help the community by sharing about Eden Star over the coming week to say thank you 🙂

The core fixes are (plus a few hidden extras such as candy canes for your consumable pleasure!);

  • Bases being duplicated – this was fixed but could still happen in the last update, so again… please try a new game and we sincerely hope that this will be the last time you need to update before being able to get stuck in over Xmas!
  • Laser Posts could also cause a crash when saving or loading – we have now also fixed this and so now should be more stable.

Thanks again and can’t wait to play with you guys over the holidays, the team will be jumping in on the London servers and the Flix Test Server over the coming week, so come join us for a few games when we’re in!

Happy Holidays and a very Merry Christmas to you all from the Team at Flix!

v0.2.5 Christmas Hotfix Released!

Greetings Pioneers!

This festive update should address some of the immediate issues that have been raised this last week. We hope you’re dominating and not just surviving in the new world! There’s much more exciting additions to come soon in the new year.

We cannot thank you all enough for participating in the creation of Eden Star to date.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL public servers will be reset for v0.2.5 update. PLEASE also restart any previous server saves if the server has saved and then loaded.

  • Added icons for cargo container and canister decorators.
  • Health, Sustenance, and Water levels are now partially depleted at the start of the game single player game instead of oxygen levels.
  • Single Player Introduction sequence now includes multiple damaged armour components.
  • Hosting a Server now saves your Profile Settings when launching a server.
  • Improved HUD feedback for suit readout info.

  • Fixed Server Crash on Loading a Save – this was a memory leak on loading a saved game where Colony Bases are duplicated on top of one another – PLEASE NOTE – we strongly advise starting a fresh server if you saved and loaded prior to this update.
  • Removed some duplicate decorator assets from the build list.
  • Fixed decorators not destroying properly.
  • Fixed client crash when using AOE healing on Laser Post Defences.
  • Fixed a server crash with Laser Posts.
  • Fixed an issue with armour items being able to be repaired at no cost in single player.

Have a fantastic end to 2016 Everyone! Big thanks from the team for all your patience, input and support.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a bug free new year… Apart from those nasty creatures on Pharus of course, those bugs aren’t going to be leaving their home just because you arrived there to exterminate them, you savages.

see you all in the fray.

– Team Flix

v0.2.4 Christmas Holiday Release – New Map & Multiplayer!


Greetings Pioneers!

As an early gift to you lovely people, the new map and all the new features from the experimental branch are now in the main branch with multiplayer! In a huge new update from which you can now launch your own servers within the game via a shiny new host game interface.

Set anything from server save interval, day-night cycle length and ratio, free build mode, toggling of A.I. waves, and more. Most of these new settings are also applicable to the single player which now has our introduction sequence which will set the scene for upcoming story development.

For those of you who have not tried the experimental branch, this new update may seem like a whole new game. There are far too many changes to list here so please have a read of all the change-lists below:


Frontend server hosting and options

      • You can now set up your own servers more easily and from within the game menu itself. Multiple server options have been added to streamline this process.
      • Game options (see see previous change-lists below) can now be applied to multiplayer games as well as single player.
      • Please note, you will still need to forward the relevant ports on your router in order to host a server.

Added Danger and Optimsation to Colony Bases


      • Abandoned structures you find in the world will now be a little more interesting to explore and loot, as creatures will now emerge from around them to fight you.

Infection and Medical Station

      • Consuming raw and unprocessed food and water will now give you points of Infection!
      • Higher levels of Infection will impact your stamina, thirst and health (in that order)
      • Craft treatments at the Medical Station to bring down your Infection levels.
      • This is work in progress, so no other sources of Infection or any complexity of choosing the right Treatment is implemented yet.

Lootable drop ship and short introduction tutorial for single player


      • Wake up damaged and disoriented at your crash site
      • Simple Scout Robot tells you what to do (not an active AI at this stage)
      • Defend the drop-ship wreckage from invaders
      • Claim the base at waypoint C21 to get you started!

Introduction features – First implementation WIP

    • In single player, you begin with full Paladin Armour
    • You get a shotgun with limited ammo
    • Go straight into battle with waves of Splintermites
    • Lootable containers in and around the crash site


Rock/Material Balancing

      • Updated visuals for rocks. All types now look sufficiently unique!
      • Added Basalt to mountainous areas and around shelves of Onyx. Removed Basalt from open ground.
      • Spiky Rocks are now Obsidian. Obsidian is extremely rare and only found at high altitudes and hard-to-reach places. It contains Diamond and Uranium Crystals.
      • General pass over material placement and drop chances. This is a work in progress but the idea is to make harvesting more about exploration and discovery and less about RNG. As always, drop us your feedback!
      • More valuable rocks are now progressively harder to mine.
  • AI Wave balancing. In general you should see a reduction in wave size and difficulty, especially when you have a less advanced base.
      • All Primitives, Decorators and the Laser Posts now contribute MUCH less to base threat level.
      • Turrets, Generators, Doors and Fabricators now contribute less to threat level.
      • Armoury, Replication Unit, Medical Station and nearby hives now contribute slightly more to base threat level.
      • You should now see Ika Vipers at lower levels (note – they will not increase numbers, you’ll just see them more often).

Player Stats

      • Sustenance goes down much slower by default – (-0.75 to -0.15).
      • Stamina reduces at half the speed it used to while running.

Fauna and Flora

      • Cerberus (Wolves!) are now bigger, badder, uglier and have slightly more health.
      • Increased number of Underwater fauna in larger bodies of water.
      • Grass now spawns seeds at a 25% chance, increased from 5%, no one should feel like a cow <3


    • Lab Walls and Lab Doors now require 1 Glass and 1 Solid material, instead of 2 solids.
    • Added descriptions to Buildables in the Build menu and tweaked visuals for clarity.
  • Added new Multiplayer spawn points to Verdant Pass and tweaked Onyx Shelf spawns for balancing.
  • Pass over visuals for all dropped Materials and Consumables.
  • Improved Water shader.
  • Added join/left/invited clan prompts and messages
  • Removed Build reticle
  • Added most popups can be ok’d or cancelled with enter, esc, A or B on gamepad


  • Fixed a crash when switching weapons after dying using a gamepad controller.
  • Fixed FPS slowdowns when mining certain Rocks.
  • Fix for World Setup menu issue on blocks, where when loading a saved game the blocks in the world wouldn’t get the correct maximum health value from the new settings.
  • Fixed a problem which has gone unnoticed for eons (or a few months but eons sounds cooler) when paying the cost of upgrades or blocks using exact change could leave unusable ghost items which in your inventory
  • Fixed bug with Coral stack sizes.
  • Fixed a variety of level visual issues (floating assets, invisible surfaces etc). Thank you to the community for your help!
  • Fixed the Player Avatar on the HUD not always displaying correctly, sometimes missing arms or not showing anything at all even after equipping armour.
  • World Setup menu default button working properly, and greying out when no changes have been made
  • Fixed Colony Leave/Create button to properly re-populate when creating/joining or leaving a Colony
  • Fixed bSearchLan option on Server Lobby which was named wrong and cut off
  • Corrected positioning of Password popup
  • Fixed a lot of navigation mesh issues
  • Fixed an issue where Wolves would get stuck in a behaviour loop if they couldn’t reach the player
  • Fixed an issue where Elephants wouldn’t attack if they couldn’t turn correctly
  • Fixed an issue where AI would just ignore laser posts and not try to destroy them if there was no other route to the player bae
  • Fixed an issue where the Wolf wouldn’t always play its correct idle animations
  • Fixed issue where placing an EdenKit wouldn’t always capture the blocks of a base
  • Fixed issue with Laser Turrets beam remaining in world in multiplayer
  • Fixed issue with spawning two turrets at the same location
  • Fixed an issue with AI not always going ragdoll in multiplayer
  • Fixed issues with rebinding the UI to the Tab key, and it not being able to close the UI again once opened


  • If you change World Settings mid-game in single player, blocks health won’t be updated properly when using the Block Durability Factor setting. This also may occur when loading or save both single and multiplayer.
  • For additional known issues please check out our updated trello card

V0.2.3 Changes and balancing – Previously in Experimental


v0.2.2 Additions – Previously in Experimental

For full changes and balancing from this update see:

New game customization options! Before you launch a new game and by the use of the pause menu, you now have the ability to adjust various setting of the game to cater to how you want to play.

    • All new materials! We have reworked the entire set of materials and items you can find and craft in the game. Our focus was on making the game world a bit more believable as well as simplifying the building experience at earlier stages of the game.
    • All new abandoned bases to discover! These replace any bases that were placeholder previously:
    • New Scanner visuals for world items and structures.

New Power System

    • Eden Kits now act as a distributor of power. You will need to place generators under the shield to provide power to your structures.
  • You can now place consumables in the consumables bar and use them by pressing the relevant number key.

V0.2.1 Additions, Changes and balancing – Previously in Experimental

v0.2.0 Additions – Previously in Experimental

New map – 4x4km playable space, that’s around 16 times more than the old map!

  • New Marshland Biome
  • New Underwater Biome
  • New Grasslands Biome
  • Abandoned colony bases and facilities to explore and loot.

Survival system!

  • Food and medicine consumables. The foliage in the world will now drop raw ingredients which can be consumed as is or later refined into useful items.
  • Sustenance, Hydration, Stamina and Oxygen player stats
  • New Utility – The Fabricator is a simple crafting station for your everyday needs. Craft all new consumables such as medpacks and protein bars, purify water, extract rare materials from common ones and create compound materials for use in crafting other items.
  • Utility expansion : The Armoury is now used for crafting weapon components and player armour. Use it also to assemble weapon components into equippable tools for killing… (see below)

New modular weapon system! with 15 possible combinations initially (not including weapon Attachments). Created in the Armoury.

  • High Powered Receiver + Assault Barrel = Carbine
  • Heavy Receiver + Assault Barrel = LMG
  • Assault Receiver + Assault  Barrel = Assault Rifle
  • Assault Receiver + Sniper  Barrel = TAC Rifle
  • High Powered    Receiver + Sniper Barrel = Pulse Cannon
  • Heavy Receiver + Sniper  Barrel = Kinetic Autorepeater
  • Heavy Receiver + Shotgun  Barrel = Kinetic Shotgun
  • High Powered Receiver + Shotgun  Barrel = Kinetic Shotgun
  • Assault Receiver + Shotgun Barrel = Kinetic Doubleshot
  • Assault Receiver + Side-Arm Barrel = Burst Pistol
  • Side-Arm Receiver + Side-Arm Barrel = Pistol
  • High Powered Receiver + Side-Arm Barrel = Magnum
  • Side-Arm Receiver + SMG  Barrel = Mac Pistol
  • Heavy Receiver + SMG Barrel = Tactical SMG
  • Assault Receiver + SMG  Barrel = SMG

Weapon attachments – add them to your completed weapons in the Inventory! Includes:

  • Holo sight
  • Sniper Scope
  • 3 Weapon Stocks – Light, Medium and Assault

New Player Armour system with 3 different armour sets (sets contain: Helmet, Chest, Arms, Upper Legs and Boots):

  • Cybermancer
  • Paladin
  • Pioneer

HUD and UI overhaul. Including Item filtering.

New neutral creatures!

  • Spineback (Grasslands, Forest) Neutral Timid
  • Cerberus (Grasslands, Forest, Swamp) Neutral Aggressive
  • Thunderfoot (Grasslands, Marshland) Neutral large Defensive
  • Bloodpod (Grasslands, Marshland, Swamp) Neutral Timid
  • Scuttlecomb (Marshland, Swamp, Underwater) Neutral Timid
  • Swamp Snake (Underwater) Neutral Aggressive
  • Bloatfish (Underwater) Neutral Aggressive

New buildables!

  • Primitives – Glass Lab walls and Doorways
  • Decorators (we will be adding interaction with these in subsequent updates)

Any feedback you may have is invaluable to us, please let us know of any bugs you encounter, anything you find annoying or frustrating, or any suggestions you might have for improving the game. We read it all and will work with you to resolve any issues you might have.

Have fun and see you in the fray!

-Team Flix