Monthly Archives: November 2018

Experiment Branch Update v0.3.7

Greetings Pioneers!  

Its been a few weeks but as always we’re pushing on improvements to our experimental branch. This update includes some more extensive changes to design and performance, we’ve had some core system issues with navigation that have prevented a bunch of creatures from spawning in the world at set distances.

Soon we’ll be re-introducing the night attacks that made developing your bases critical to surviving the night.


  • Added more enemy spawners to an encounter in the Dam.
  • Added respawn reset triggers to other entrances/exits around the Dam to make sure enemies respawn properly.


  • Refinement of the Dam location, tweaking visuals and resolving several issues with areas you could get stuck.
  • Extended how long it takes for a turret to run completely out of fuel to 40 minutes
  • Adjusted ‘Escape the Drop Pod’ mission objective beam to be more aligned with the Drop Pod since it looked off  
  • Cleaned up the terrain near the camp behind the Transmitter Tower
  • Expanded the first generator room within the Dam
  • Expanded the outer Dam to accommodate for the Generator room expansion
  • Moved objective button inside generator room to the opposite side of the room
  • Replaced old pipe meshes with new ones
  • Adjusted respawn reset triggers on top of the Dam

Bug fixes

  • Fixed several bugs and inconsistencies with Oxygen levels in and around the Dam.
  • Fixed an issue where fuel wouldn’t be used up after saving and loading the game  
  • Fixed an issue where some enemies would struggle with spawning inside the Dam
  • Fixed an issue where you could walk through the lower section of the drop pod from the outside in damaged generator room
  • Fixed a few spelling errors in the Data Logs
  • Fixed gaps in the inner Dam main entrance where you could see through

See you in the fray,

– Team Flix