April Development Update

Greetings Pioneers!

The Art and Design team have been hard at work making some much needed improvements to the atmosphere and surroundings. Fundamentally this all helps define important areas in the world. There’s been some much needed visual and lighting re-balancing with further placement passes to make the rock structures appear more natural.

Matt – Art Director

We’re throwing our all at visual improvements to the surrounding area in what is our ‘vertical slice’ for this experimental branch work. Been making sure everyone is focusing their attention on the right things to keep the latest art pass consistent across the game.

Joe – Lead Artist

Lots of work on unifying the visuals for our environment this week. The nature of this work has meant touching on all aspects of our world. We’ve tweaked the lighting, atmospherics and how those things interact with the day/night cycle, as well as replacing many placeholder assets and implementing a whole new terrain shader setup. We want to move away from the sandy mars look, and go for something a little more “Eden Star”…

Glenn – 3D Artist

I’ve been working on the cliffs, rocks and terrain painting. Tom Whaley gave us some great rocks and materials he had and I created 2 new cliff models to match them and got them working in game with collision. It’s looking pretty cool around the main path the player takes at the beginning of the game, we are working hard to set a high standard in this area that we can aim for in the rest of the game. I’ve also been helping with the lighting setup where I can.

Andy H – Level Design

I’ve been working on Placing more objects into the world around key locations, adding in outposts and adding in a bit more foliage around too because everyone loves more stuff to forage.

Also I’ve been adding effects around hives to add more atmosphere inside the dam.

More to come… we’ll be looking at dropping this new content to our experimental branch soon!

See you in the fray!

-Team Flix