August Development Feature!

Greetings Pioneers!

Some crucial bugs have been fixed this week. Building now works without your structures turning invisible, progress! With this level of re-working, you’d be surprised what will break in the process.. The Auto Turrets have also had a fix up as we continue to power through the remaining issues prior to release.

On the art side of things, roads and areas are being joined and tidied up, new meshes for minable nodes are being crafted and the radiation zone visuals have been coming together. Also a new throwable light source, the flare has been receiving animations and particle effects.

As a change of pace we’re leaving you with some gameplay footage that we’ve put together. This does not represent the finished release! But it should give everyone a taster of the new mechanics, UI, and gameplay itself.

We’ll do a full breakdown of what people have been working on next Friday, to restore normal service.

See you in the Fray

– Team Flix