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Early Access Release Date!

eden star steam capsule banner

Welcome Pioneers (The faithful amazing people you are!),

Today we are delighted to announce our target release date for the Eden Star Early Access Pre-Alpha build v0.0.1.

On Friday January 30th the build will be uploaded to Steam.

To all of you that have supported us to date via Humble, the purchase widget on the Eden Star website has been temporarily removed from the site and we have an email going out to you early next week (we just need to update a few item descriptions this weekend, then compile, test and upload the build to Humble!) informing you that you will now have exclusive access to the build prior to the 30th.

In addition, we will also be sending our early backers an “Art of Eden Star v0.1” PDF book to download as a small thank you for being the first to believe in the project, this will also be distributed via Humble.

The team at the Flix have been hard at work these past few weeks, fixing issues, polishing the basic level and stomping on those pesky bugs.

So, a massive thanks for your time, support and patience. Stay awesome!

Weapon Crafting : Rifle

Welcome Traveller…

… to another Eden Star update! Today we are delving into the weapons blueprints again, more specifically the Rifle blueprint, currently known as “The super awesome alien blaster ray” internally. As with the pistol, all slug weaponry is a design choice implemented for those who just want a good old fashioned way of slinging lead down range, but they are also a specific reminder that Teslinium is a finite resource, used for only a few specific tasks due to its rarity. Teslinium shards are crafted into Spire grade Mata-Tools (Remote Manipulation Devices) and earned by the highest class of Pioneers of the migration fleet. Pioneers are augmented humans, often mutated in order to wield Spire grade technology, in the form of a Mata-Tool, used to manipulate matter and harness energy into Kinetic forces. This provides them with the power to craft and change the world around them. Teslinium is in short supply as it is used to primarily power interstellar travel and when used for such feats, is no longer a perpetual energy source, but a finite and valuable resource that appears to have no specific origin, only found scattered throughout the universe.

Therefore, think of MATA-Tool Teslinium technology as new and in its infancy. Slug weaponry still exists, is cheap and is here to stay, but so does augmented tech… Such as Teslinium reaper clips; a Faazah Corp, blueprint and also Kinetic seeker rounds by Aeon Systems… All of these are Lore based additions that the team want to add as development progresses…

eden star aeon rifle

As with our other physical weapon Blueprints, the grand vision for Rifles is a level of customisation delivered by crafting different component Blueprint parts. Please note: in the first early access release of the game, the modular weapon crafting feature WILL NOT YET BE AVAILABLE but you will definitely be able to craft the rifle as a single/whole item. Customisation and modularity comes later!

Throughout the design process we went through many iterations for the modular rifle blueprint system aesthetic. Each component’s size, colour and shape would need to feel unique yet act like a modular part to fit with components from a different blueprint. Each part would also need to be balanced, considering mechanics such as rate of fire, reticle design, spread, zoom or sight enhancement and the amount and type of damage it can do. The first version of the compiled Rifle that you see in the video, and available to craft in the early access release as a single item, is the compiled Aeon Systems Stock (inc. Grip), Top Rail, Firing System (Energy/Ammo Source) and Barrel.

eden star aeon rifle

Although there is still some balancing tweaks to do, this weapon really has come a long way and we are really happy with the (almost) finished result. For the rifles we wanted to put a futuristic spin on what is essentially a traditional weapon, which meant taking a look a lot of different weapons, much in the same way as our pistol. Everything from SMGs to LMGs, from video games to books were used in our research. From recoil to bullet spread and range, we wanted the weapon to feels as good as it looks. This setup has a three round burst fire with a 1.5x Zoom and 30 rounds in the clip. It fires almost as quickly as you can pull the trigger allowing you to lay waste to all that stand in your way with a well placed shot!

This is still a work in progress so remember to stay tuned for further details in future posts, and until then, happy hunting!

Mining on Pharus 7

Evening all,

In today’s blog we will be introducing you to mining in Eden Star.

We begin with the flora (grass and plants) of Pharus 07, which is a rich source of energy for the MATA-Tool–a remote manipulation device–designed to harness the planet’s natural resources and establish a base on this hostile world. Flora based energy is used to directly power the MATA-Tool’s kinetic abilities; blast, grab and smash – essential tools against the alien hostiles when you run out of pistol ammo.

Additionally, larger elements within the world, such as trees and certain rocks, contain rare materials essential in the creation of defensive and offensive structures, weapons and MATA-Tool upgrades. Your aim is simple, develop your base, expanding your territory and when the long night comes, defend it.

eden star mining on pharus 7

‘Mining’ and ‘resource gathering’ is a vital aspect of Eden Star. Using the Construction and Upgrade Menus to find the requirements of your desired item, you must then explore the world in search the minerals needed to create your shiny new toy. Mining often can be a laborious task and in Eden Star we wanted it to be more than that, we wanted to make it as fun as possible. For us that meant pushing the boundaries of Unreal Engine 4, PhysX and Apex to new limits so that we could create bespoke destruction systems, empowering you to feel in control whilst destroying the world around you.

We have worked hard on the development of procedural physics tree destruction, allowing the player to mine from top to bottom, bottom to top, take just the energy-rich leaves and branches or leave nothing but a stump. A tree will rarely fall the same way twice. Of course you may feel the fun will diminish once you completely strip the land of everything useful. This is why we also developed a regrowth system, a byproduct of Pharus’ ability to heal itself, allowing the environment to regenerate after a time and players to destroy to their heart’s content.

The balancing of material shard spawning, placement and structure cost is an ongoing process but we are making good headway. Though we can’t wait until we hand our baby over to the all of you and hear your thoughts and feelings. It’s an exciting time for all of us at the Flix office; we are working hard to make Eden Star as fun as possible, squishing bugs, optimising, refining and we simply can’t wait until all of you can explore the world we have lovingly created.

As always guys, stay tuned for more updates coming soon. Including a sneaky wee first look at our Smash mechanic in UE4. Also what happened when we handed an early build of Eden Star over to a room full of 120 students at Staffordshire University’s Epic Games Centre…It was Epic…See what we did there…Epic like the company…and epic like aweso…..anywho… back to work ^_^

More updates to follow!