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* Role. * Actual role. Andy Simkin QA Lead Keeps everything looking spiffy. Carlos De Abreu Programming Internship Makes magic babies with code. Chris Kefalas Level Designer Spartan enthusiast and builder of worlds. Gareth Coker Composer Bearer of aural pleasure. Gavin Li Concept Designer Scrapes gum off the underneath of the art director’s shoe. Joe Hill Environment Artist Uses 3D skills to make angels shoot rainbows out their ear balls… and rocks. John Tearle Lead Designer / CEO Bringing the (MF) thunder since 1983. Lauren Newman Lead Technical Animator Brings art to life through the magic of actual magic. Lee Snookes Technical Director Keeps the team in check with soft-spoken brevity, intellect and a gun. Boing boing. Marcin Dudkowski PFX Artist / Systems Designer Summoner of pretty things and harbinger of rules. Matt Clark Art Director Heralding a new dawn for buffness and master of the green. Ricky Johnson Programmer Purveyor of the rainbow and candy hoarder. Tristan Lunt Development Producer Programmer and voice of Shaft. Yves Wheeler Senior Programmer Hippy and eco-warrior.