December Development Update 4 – Christmas Feature!

Greetings Pioneers!

And Merry Christmas to All our followers! The new critters have made it into the world this week as we work towards inserting some small posts/points of interest that Pioneers can explore. We’ve also been tarting up the A.I. behaviour and location lighting to improve the experience across the day and night.

Onto business! We’re excited to be showing you a walk through of the drop zone section of the level brought to you by our Art Director, Matt. Please note that this build is a work in progress without all of the latest individual changes yet committed, so some of what you’ll see here is not up to date.

The build in this footage is work in progress and is not yet released on Steam

Beyond this we also wanted to let you into a little more detail on production and schedule moving forwards. The team have now finished for Christmas but prior to this, a number of the guys were working hard to get new A.I. features that you have started to see emerge in the blogs over the past few weeks, there are also vehicles and the new environment/level design that we have been putting into the world. When these and a number of other core systems are in, we should have a fresh vertical slice. To coincide with the new features we have also dig into the lore of the world more and can now reveal the following as a Story introduction synopsis for those who have asked and want to know more or offer ideas and support – PLEASE NOTE :: SPOILERS AHEAD;

Earth is recovering from a great catastrophe that has destroyed the biosphere and devastated the population. An alien material provides hope and the means for interstellar ravel, fuelling great leaps in scientific understanding. As humankind reaches for the stars, trade routes are formed between fledgling colonies, yet over time essential resources are used to manipulate trade, causing diplomatic relations between Earth and the outer colonies to fail.

It is discovered that the outer colony of Pharos 7 has been secretly developing a terraforming technology that can rapidly change hostile worlds in moments, enabling decades of reliance on Earth to cease.

As Earth observes from afar the colony suddenly ceases all outside communication. Eden Star is the nearest Terran-ship tasked with investigation.

You are a Pioneer, sent as part of the initial ground force to recover the terraforming technology. You wake some time after landing planet-side, abandoned by your crew, you cannot contact Eden Star. You must discover what has happened on Pharos and find a way to survive.”

Keep your eye fixed on this space for more. Our next blog will arrive on the first Friday (5th) in January! 

Happy holidays and have a fantastic new year.

-Team Flix