Development Feature – Customisation

Greetings Pioneers!

Occasionally there is the need to break up the usual blog update with a more in depth feature. Which means.. For this glorious Friday we’ll be sharing our character customisation system plans and how we’re looking to implement it initially. Suggestions are welcome, and in fact we believe it is the whole point of developing systems in early access, even prior to a working version.

For the pipeline of the new character system, each Male and Female Character start with a wonderfully airtight base suit that supplies them with the environment they need to maintain body temperature and proper pressure on planets with denser or lighter oxygen atmospheres. Phew.. that’s the technical Jargon out of the way!

Then there’s the good bit. Each suit will be customisable with 3 different colours. A primary (Undersuit) secondary (Padding) and tertiary (Trim) colour. This should allow for colour variations on your pioneer that will please and offend the eyes. Ontop of this we’re thinking of including custom patterns, and the overall material look of your suit.

We’ve also been in consideration over setting up some basic but limited size scaling to make your character body appear slimmer or more muscular in size. 

Basic face and eye colourisation will be implemented to begin with, with a push to get in some facial feature adjustment (As you can see in the updated design pre-vis image below). Adjusting the scale and spacing of facial features is something we would love but would most likely be added later down the line! 

Armour sets that you build or find in the world are a separate matter. Because these are not decided on before launching into a game, we’re toying with having colour variants you can set. These may not be as unbound as the actual character suit customisation.. But then again if you want rainbow coloured adventurers anything is possible, apart from unicorns of course. Only space unicorns are possible.

All work and design is in progress, so your feedback is and will always be a beautiful thing. We can’t thank the community and new supporters enough for your patience. As suggested in the previous blog, once we have something enjoyable and cohesive with these in development features for you to test, you’ll obviously be the first to know about it!

See you in the fray

– Team Flix