Easter Development Update (Part Deux)

Greetings Pioneers!

Design and Art have toggled laser focus mode (aka the mode of focus above the normal focus mode). Our major encounter points are getting some much needed attention to get the progression working well with the variety of exploration that is going to be on offer.

Matt – Art Director

I’ve been ‘syncing’ with designers on what is left to do from a design perspective for different types of encounters around what we deem the critical path. We’re keeping our attention firmly on visual improvements which can be delivered without influencing or changing any of the established gameplay progression.

A good example of this is just randomly adding creates for visual polish.. Due to the nature of the game a crate may have items you collect from it which can upset the balance of material collection at that point in time, and therefore upset designers. Sad designers = unhappy artists, and the vicious production cycle of passive aggressive notes left on peoples desks begins.

Joe – Lead Artist

More art polishing this week, with post processing and atmospheric tweaks going in, as well as implementing Tom’s rather nice cliff work.

Glenn – 3D Artist

Been hard at work creating some good uvs for the Transport Vehicle, really looking forward to getting this vehicle textured and in game. I’ve also been helping Joe with lighting when I get the chance, he’s been making great progress and the game is feeling really atmospheric.

Tom W – Technical Artist

Been looking at improving the spline tools we use to generate more complex cliff work. This has been useful for reducing setup time of the surrounding ground. I’ve started to implement auto adjustment and generation features that allow cliff rocks to blend better with the world terrain.

Davide – Concept Artist

Lots of concept work this week, I’ve been doing a first design pass on the alien foliage assets. The goal was to communicate the visual of something that can be visually associated with trees and bushes, but without being an actual plant, as that would be something that visually and conceptually belongs to the terran biome.

More concept work has been done to update the prefab bases that can be found around the world, plus a pass of set dressing on the shipwreck area.

Basia U – Animator

Continued creating new animations for fist melee attacks. I’ve finished off with some pretty cool new spear attack animations for the 3rd person. Today is my last day (which is a bit sad) but also I’m looking forward to moving onto other things and seeing where Eden Star goes! And I’m sure it’s going to be awesome.

John T – 3D Artist

After flinging himself at every rock around David was no longer able to produce the high quality rock collision we require so I have bravely taken on the mantle of Rock Collision Artist. I take this with a great honor and will fling myself at rocks with precision and pride.

David M – 3D Artist

So as Mr Tranter mentioned, the rock collision life wasn’t the life for me. I am now tasked with sprucing up the Dam interior with some fancy new wall panel variants as well as some other assets that will help the overall look and aid with future storytelling within. I have not forgotten my days as a rock collider, but I am surely glad they are behind me.

OG Tom W – Lead Designer

This week has been an interesting one for the design team as we have been reviewing the current game on the experimental branch and assess the players progression throughout the game. Our main concern was that the two of the main focus of Eden Star, base building and survival, were not working together as well as we wanted.

So we locked ourselves in a meeting room for the day and formulated a plan to restructure the progression around the player experiences we want to create. Without spoiling too much our current plan is looking at how we can integrate unlocking schematics into encounters and challenges.       

Melissa – Technical Designer

I’ve continued working on the new build wheel system & prototype this week. The build wheel prototype has developed quickly and we are currently at a stage where the wheel is almost functional from a basic user interface standpoint. The next stage however will be to get it functional from a gameplay standpoint, allowing the player to actually select an item and build it.

Hopefully it’ll be at a stage soon where we can share some screenshots with you all.

Carlos – Developer

Being back on Eden Star has allowed me to begin my work on the respawn system in ernest! I’ve started the backend work to allow players to build our new respawn blocks in the world, as well as being able to claim any neutral respawn blocks as their own! I’ve also ensured that our new respawn blocks work both in multiplayer and singleplayer!

I’m excited to show you guys more on this once I have the backend work finalised! 🙂

Tom – Developer

This week I’ve been reworking a bunch of logic to do with how we decide what icon to stick on what object when you’re near it – whether its ammo or food or a lightswitch, the logic that drives that icon is a lot more robust.  Aside from that i’ve also been working on making them a lot more performant, and had a crack at solving the lag between the camera movement and the marker being realigned to its appropriate object.

See you in the fray!

-Team Flix