Experimental Branch – Community spotlight!



Greetings Pioneers!

This will be the start of many community spotlights we’re going to be doing as we update our multiplayer experimental branch going forwards to December.

First of all, thank you again to everyone who are supporting the game from this early stage! It’s great for us as developers and gamers to see people ‘pioneering’ (pun intended) the first of the dedicated servers and input on future features.

Don’t be surprised if you see a developer or two join your game either, we do have a tendency to invade your public server and spy on what you are doing 😉 (purely research based spying).


So far ADN-Mad’s beaten us all to it with the first public dedicated server to go up over the weekend. And for that reason we’ve included some screenshots of the structures built on it, they are very well done indeed!


A massive thank you to ADN-Mad for being the first to the starting line in helping us lay a solid foundation for the future multiplayer community!


We look forward to updating the build further across the next few weeks. Again we must put emphasis that it is at an early stage and fixing any crashes are paramount. Stability is also key for us as a team so we have a lot of optimisations as well as features left to push into Eden Star (Including the new 8km map which we’re particularly excited about).

Also! A big welcome to anyone new who has purchased the game this weekend!

For more current information on development you can keep an eye on what we’re working on next via our public Trello board and even vote or comment on features you’d like to see.

There will be new updates coming very soon, so we hope to see you in the fray!

– Team Flix