Experimental Branch Update! v 0.3.9

Greetings Pioneers!

Plus a happy new year! although somewhat late.. Quite a few changes and additions have been dropped for this update, mainly focused around improvements to the immersive feel and design of the starting environment as a whole.

We’ve added a visual weather/storm feature of which the importance will become more apparent when the world is expanded! All improvements are listed below, including additions of a cave system and revised AI placements.

Update your experimental branch to gain access to these latest changes. If you need a reminder on how to do this you can follow our previous post here.

We hope you enjoy these latest changes! Our updates have become less frequent lately, this is not because we are winding down development of the game in any fashion, it is our baby after all 🙂

More in depth info on our progress to come soon! Change-list is as follows:


– Added more Trees and Mine-ables
– Added Storm Supercell above central Monolith
– Updated ship wreck visuals
– Added New Terrain surface visuals
– Added Area with new Hive Growth visuals


– Tweaked HUD Loadout bar, and it now hides if it’s empty
– Tweaked HUD reticle visuals
– Increased the range that enemies can hear the player
– Tweaked Mite spawners at starting camp so you do not see them spawn in
– Updated area around Drop Pod
– Updated Player Footstep impact effects for Sand
– Updated Dam building
– Updated Grass mineable asset & effects
– Updated Fiber drop mesh
– Updated Textures for Health Packs
– Replaced More placeholder objects
– Built broken bridge
– Added more Spawners to the world
– Updated Wreckage sites
– Updated Bridge on the way to the Dam
– Major terrain tweaks

Bug Fixes

– Fixed Navigation Mesh Issues which were causing some enemies not to spawn
– Fixed an issue where Mites wouldn’t play their animation when turning
– Fixed an issue where collisions on fallen drop pod engines would block players from jumping over them
– Fixed an issue where creatures spawning in would loop on their intended path
– Fixed an issue where climbing into the back of a vehicle would crash your game
– Fixed several collision issues in the cave next to the starting camp
– Fixed floating mesh assets in many places

See you in the fray,

– Team Flix