Experimental Branch Update v0.2.3!


Greetings Pioneers!

We’ve been making huge strides this week testing and debugging multiplayer in the new map, and it’s starting to look sharp and shape up.

There are still some replication issues that we need to iron out due to some massive build system optimisations, but it’s certainly getting there. We really can’t wait to play it with you guys!

In the meantime we have been fixing up the annoying bugs we notice you’ve have been experiencing in the experimental branch. We’ve done a pass tweaking the balancing the weapons and modifying default turret durability settings which may have been a little off target with the options we introduced in v0.2.2.

So today we have a little hotfix for you guys to address some of these issues. Depending on stability and the severity of issues going forward past the point of our multiplayer update, we’ll then be looking at moving from experimental into the main branch!


  • Stocks for weapons now impact the recoil and stability of fire.
  • All weapons have had a balancing pass, including updates to the shotgun firing and reload animations. Additionally weapons now recoil and cock properly after firing.
  • Doubled the footprint allowed for building a structure! All your base are belong to us.
  • Increased default utility durability
  • Player Inventory slot limit decreased from 200->78  (don’t judge me, it’s the perfect amount for 1080p resolution). This was due to performance and some gameplay connotations but with recent balancing the general weight of items has increased so you could never hit the slot limit of 200 from before.
  • Regeneration Module on all blocks now only costs Primary Materials.
  • You can now only consume consumables, attach attachments, upgrade modules etc from your own inventory or equipped inventory sections in the UI
  • Basic mineral balancing pass. Increased perecent drop chance for gold to 2% added more variety of minerals across rock types.


  • Fix for laser pillar defence utility randomly requiring more power every time you load from a save. Note that save games (some which crashed on load due to memory overload caused by this duplication bug), will now have this problem corrected and will be usable again.
  • Fix for occasional blank (white box) icons appearing in the inventory when loading the game
  • Optimisations to the UI addressing frame rate issues when using inventories.
  • Fixed not being able to create fortifications of the basic variety
  • Modular weapon scopes now follow the rules of attachments, so scopes can only go with allowed barrel types and stocks can only go with allowed receiver types
  • Fortifications were sometimes displaying the incorrect visual
  • Sprinting and jumping off a cliff into water no longer continues to drain stamina while in the water
  • Attempted bugfix for water visibility, please let us know if this still occurs for you
  • Removed timestamp from empty slots in the save load menus
  • Player avatar in the uimenu animates again

Enjoy! The current known issues for the experimental branch can be found here.

See you in the fray,

–  Team Flix