Experimental Branch Update! v0.3.6

Greetings Pioneers!

Some essential changes that involve removal of outdated build items have gone in, that unfortunately mean previous saves won’t work when you update to this version. Good chance to start a fresh game! These changes are required to progress to the later versions of the game improvements we’re making.

Because of the lack of additions this week we’ll be trying to get extra stuff in for next week <3.

Here’s the full breakdown:


  • Refined the terrain by some roads that looked out of place
  • Removed Arch Walls and Arch Wall Corners due to them causing problems in engine

Bug fixes

  • Fixed several missing physics material issues
  • Fixed an issue where you could press objective buttons multiple times
  • Fixed an issue where alien blood would splatter when you hit glass
  • Fixed an issue where some concrete barricades in the Dam would appear orange
  • Fixed an issue where some dead pioneers would hover slightly above the ground
  • Fixed an issue where gaps would appear on certain cliffs next to the Dam

See you in the fray

– Team Flix