Experimental Branch Update! v0.3.8 – Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays Pioneers!

To celebrate we’re pushing another update to experimental branch before we voyage into next year. Which we’re all very excited about!

We’ve also included an upcoming ‘mini blog’ (below the release notes) with insight into what will be happening next with Eden Star, both from the perspective of improvements to World Art and New Gameplay content.


– Expanded the size of the Dam
– Added new office areas within the Dam
– Added new Dormitory area for Dam workers with some temporary placeholder objects
– Added new pathways throughout the Dam
– Added a cave to explore near the start of the game
– Added more AI spawners throughout the game
– Added more mine-able nodes
– Added a few more trees
– Added more weapon pickups and ammo in various places
– Added fence at the top of the tower to stop you from getting stuck behind it


– Changed the layout of the first generator room
– Updated the drop item visuals for the particle accelerator
– Adjusted the layout of the Camp
– Adjusted some of the AI spawners to make them work better
– Spawners will now reset when the time goes from day to night or night to day
– Made various terrain modifications

Bug fixes

– Fixed an issue where sometimes turrets would have trouble seeing and shooting at enemies
– Fixed an issue where sometimes enemies would have trouble spawning in
– Fixed an issue where shooting the glass in the Drop Pod would cause alien blood to spurt out
– Fixed some issues to do with the terrain not blending in well to the top of cliffs
– Fixed a rock had no collision on the mountain side near the Tower
– Fixed no physics material on Splintermite explosive spikes
– Fixed no collision on structure opposite the top of the tower
– Fixed floating stalker on the tower

Upcoming changes and improvements in the new year..

Art & Design

Visual improvements to infested bases, including further audio, lighting and design iteration. With this we aim to deliver a more horroresque and immersive experience.

Terrain surfaces will be getting passes to bring them in line with supporting more varied foliage types. Currently we want to get away from the Mars/Dune look that is going on, as this was more experimental than a final art direction.

Utility destruction and some drop/breakable items will get a visual overhaul so there’s better consistency.

Systems Development

  • Fuel UI will be getting a proper final pass to make fuel consumption in Utilities easier and more intuitive to understand.
  • Full Xbox controller support! It’s a tad awkward to navigate UI and certain systems on controller as it stands, this will be tackled in the new year to make it much more fluid.
  • Final pass 3rd Person animations.
  • Vehicles… both salvageable and build-able types.
  • Revisions/balancing to progression systems.
  • Expanded World Development & Additional bases

Thanks for all your continued support! See you in the fray…

– Team Flix