Experimental Branch Update v0.3.91

Greetings Pioneers!

We’ve just pushed out an update for the building HUD UI. Based off our fully revised visual designs which¬†you can view here.

This is what we currently have in this build (not quite there yet) Give it a go and try building a base! it should be a fair amount easier to run through your selection wheel, some of the contrast needs improvement but we feel it’s a solid step in the right direction to making things a little more pleasant and less intrusive.


– New streamlined visuals for the Build Menu UI.


– Tweaked HUD effects for taking damage.
– Tweaked low oxygen effect, it now only starts affecting vision when critically low.

Bug fixes

– Many inventory items had the wrong category applied which caused visual issues bugs with filtering. These have been resolved.
– Fixed broken Ammo counter visuals on HUD.
– Fixed Stalkers not dropping items when killed.
– Minor terrain fixes.

P.S. You might of already noticed above, but we’re also revamping our company branding to something more fresh going into March!

This includes our new studio getting a face lift too, which we’re all excited to share.

Updates to socials and our website to come soon!

See you in the fray

– Team Flix