November Development Update 3

Greetings Pioneers!

More in the way of progress this week as we continue to fix up AI bugs and pull more of our new systems together. We are designing the layout of encounters and interactive elements for the new map while we go back and make some basic iterations to the layout.

There are now a lot more smoother sloping areas that make it easier for vehicles to traverse but also make it easier for walking AI to reach you. That’s right, be scared, because you will truly only be safe in your bases when we unleash this beastly revision.

John – Lead Designer

Decisions must be made, a lot of my time right now revolves around breaking down the parts of the design into manageable chunks for the team. So currently i’m working miracles to get people onto the right areas of the game, and it’s always a bit of a juggling job as tasks exchange hands.. I did always want to perform in the circus and in a way production is pretty close to that 😉

Matt – Art Director

I’ve gone back to paper based design with the guys after our initial playthrough to fully flesh out our location placements and general layout on the island. This will always be important as a reference point for the designers who get stuck into the details. The finished layout will be handed off to teams which will develop each area in more detail.

The process will be driven by purpose and meaning behind every outpost in these areas, which in turn will then tie into our single player discovery based storytelling mechanics.

Lee – Technical Director

This week I have been reviewing the turrets in-game and making the changes where needed to start using the more designer friendly AI system. I’ve also started reviewing the Biomes ready for them to be places into our new map

Tristan – Lead Developer

This week I have been checking over a load of the development work with the other devs and looking into some of the new bugs we have gained after updating the engine. Super fun. I have also been fixing up some interaction logic as it doesn’t work for every situation currently.

Olly – Junior Programmer

I’ve been continuing on with my work for the vehicles, this week looking more closely at a boost function that will give player that extra little “umph” to traverse the steeper terrain. I’ve always been honing my tea and coffee making skills as my perpetual dabbing around the office required a punishment. In the form of making hot drinks for the team it would appear.

Marcin – Designer

I have been doing a lot of reviewing, fixing and generally tying of loose ends. I’ve had a good look at the level in terms of system being properly in place, such as: is the navigation mesh everywhere it’s supposed to be? Are the perception and flying volumes covering all the space they should? How about collisions? Can you build and walk on the appropriate surfaces? When making a game level it’s so easy to only focus on how it looks and feels and forget that it has to work too.

Moreover I’ve been fixing more creatures to work with the new systems and identifying where we are missing animations. We have a working stalker, cerberus, and I am working on the ika now. The new tech we are facing with the first 2 are leaping attacks, which still have some bugs. Those are the melee attacks that can begin from far away and where the creature jumps into close range to deal damage. I am still making my mind about how much the creature can turn or steer during.

Tom – Designer

I’m continuing the work on the macro level for out terrain, following some curation from John and the gang after a play session. Looking forward to showing everyone the progress we’re making very soon!

Sam – Concept Artist

After further reviews with John, Matt and Andy we have finalised the overall shape of both the heavy and light chassis vehicles. From there I’ve been working on a top down view for both of the vehicles so the modellers have all the proportions to make a start on it.

Lauren – Lead Animator

This week I have been refining locomotion for the stalker now that we are having the ability for all AI to strafe (though not all in the same manner). I have also been continuing with the axe and finishing moves.

Andy – Lead QA

It’s been a week of meetings and conversations regarding next steps for Eden Star, some ended in a peaceful while others ended like a scene from Mad Max Thunderdome. On the whole though we got a lot sorted, fixed and tested a few of the bugs remaining from the engine update and ended the week positively.

See you in the fray!

-Team Flix