Experimental Branch Update! v0.3.5

Greetings Pioneers!

Another minor update, but a nice shiny one none the less whilst we work towards the bigger things. If there are any small tweaks, we’re on it like a moth to flame!

If you’re unfamiliar with how you can get access to these experimental updates of our later builds, please follow our previous post here – https://steamcommunity.com/games/EdenStar/announcements/detail/2695856977249967340


Updated inventory icons for:

  • AdvancedWiringKit
  • BasicWiringKit
  • Dynamo – NEW
  • Electromagnet
  • Graphene
  • Matter Converter – NEW
  • MemoryAlloy
  • Mesh
  • NanoTubes
  • PlasmaFire
  • Polyaniline – NEW
  • ReinforcedGlass
  • SiliconeRubber


  • Smoothed out multiple areas of sharp terrain geometry near cliff edges

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where random bumps of terrain would appear at the camp behind the Tower
  • Fixed up some roads that would float above the terrain
  • Fixed an issue where unwanted rock textures would appear on sandy areas
  • Fixed an issue where bullet hit decals would look the same on every material
  • Fixed an issue where you could see through parts of the cliff next to the Dam
  • Fixed an issue where the terrain was raised, leaving a hole behind that lead to under the map

See you in the fray

– Team Flix

Experimental Branch Update! v0.3.4

Greetings Pioneers!

Small update for you all this week while we’re preparing larger content drops, we’ve added a bunch of new item meshes (15 in total) as previously these were placeholders. Most of the team are chomping at the bit to get elements like vehicles in, however these must coincide with expansion of the world in general to work with the current gameplay loop. Many bugs that have infested multiplayer also need to be squashed before multiplayer releases can be pushed out.

Which means.. more updates to come!

Change list for this weekends update is as follows:


  • Added new drop Item assets for: Accelerant, Advanced Wiring Kit, Carbyne, Compressor, Dynamo, Electromagnet, Focusing Lens, Graphene, Matter Converter, Memory Alloy, Mesh, Nano Tubes, Plasmafire, Polyaniline, Reinforced Glass, Silicone Memory Rubber and Simple Wiring.
  • New Maintenance Station added


  • Reduced shiv deterioration amount
  • Collisions with button meshes updated

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Drop Bags have interaction text and icons, now we only have icons as intended.  
  • Fixed an issue where it was very difficult to interact with the objective button on top of the tower
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t pick up certain types of scrap metal meshes
  • Fixed an issue where parts of the terrain near the Dam entrance would float  
  • Fixed an issue where you would clip into parts of a cliff edge next to the top of the Dam

See you in the fray,

– Team Flix

October Development Update – Experimental Branch Feedback

Greetings Pioneers!

It’s been a busy week over at Flix, we’ve moved into our new office which is a big step up from the house we were in previously that was becoming rather cramped! We have also had more people join us too!

We’ve decided that this week we are going to take a look at the Beta Branch feedback and how we are looking to respond over the coming weeks. With everything that’s been going on this week with the move and other projects on, in all honesty, we’ve been a little light on responding in code, more design and decisions, so without further adieu, let’s take a look at some of the key points raised;

Picture Credit – DragonTemplar4

Resource acquisition could use some tweaks for testing purposes
I’m several hours into my savegame in the exp branch now and can’t craft anything because of the low resource droprates (acid + the rare minerals). It would be nice if the drop rates and means of acquisition get some love right now, because at this point I can’t even build three graphene without farming huntermites for an hour, which is too slow and unreliable. The secondary resource requirements seem a bit over the top for me.

Then, looking at the resource distribution further on, I really suggest giving every resource dedicated nodes instead of making some randomly drop from metal/quartz nodes. – Genoscythe

Gathering resources is something that we are going to balance in the near future. We have seen that getting some materials can be a chore so we are going to be having a deeper look into the resource economy to make the game more enjoyable.

Picture Credit – DragonTemplar4

Ok, I was liking the whole atmosphere and all the little notes and details you put in, But I really don’t like seeing entrails or other organs exposed. If you could just leave that part out of the game, that is fine. Also the new radiation sensor is a nice touch of putting in a new game mechanic. – FireStorm Victory

We mainly use things like this in the game to cause tension and make the players think “I don’t want that to happen to me” and not to cause any genuine discomfort to the person playing the game.

Picture credit – Old-gamer

There is no hydration. Water is now food.

What you are thinking of as ‘hydration’ is suit fuel.
They changed the icon to make it more obvious.

I think that removing water was a bad idea, and if you agree, say so. If enough people think it sucks then they might put it back. – Azirahael

Removing hydration was something we did for balancing reasons. We are still working on finishing up fuel on player which will provide energy for the kinetic laser module. This is something that as a player you will have to keep on checking over. We think that having too many stats to keep track of can be very frustrating.

Picture Credit – Old-gamer

Good update Devs…thank-you, will keep testing. 🤓 – Old-gamer

Thank you Old-gamer for playing!

Purple Box on harvesting materials – Picture credit – Old-gamer

Most of the “No physics materials” sprites appearing have been fixed as of latest experimental build V0.3.3

So, can we please get some smoother Running/Jumping animations, while climbing the transmission tower I fell of 3 times because when running to jump you leap like a 3 Centimeter distance. – Commander Tempest

We will be polishing up quite a few aspects to the pioneer character like sprint speed, jump height/distance and health.


Will multiplayer make a comeback with the new updates or is it completly gone (hope not) – SSundee

Multiplayer will be back with a vengeance, but it is under maintenance at the moment as we feel it isn’t quite where we want it to be. There are a bunch of features that will need adjusting to cater for multiplayer.

Picture Credit – Old-gamer

So we’re still putting 100% of our effort into Eden Star as and when we can over the coming months, our current focus is multiplayer stability and AI fights again so that night time battles come back with a renewed vengeance! Thanks again to eveyone who has tried the Beta Branch recently and for all the feedback so far.

See you in the fray!

-Team Flix

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