September Development Update 4!

Greetings Pioneers!

Our focus has turned towards polish of the existing encounter buildings and planning for the rest of the level as of.. Now. Actually it began on Monday to be perfectly precise whilst a lot of the team were also absent, on holiday or generally dying of flu! There are some quite drastic changes going on to creature stats and types during this process. Something we’ll no doubt share with the community before we launch this onto Steam!

Here’s what we’ve been upto:

John – Lead Designer

I’ve been working on designs for potential new AI within the initial areas of the game (or at least will be fleshing this out over the weekend!). We are hoping to have various “levels” of AI to help aid progression and soft gating. I also had the chance to go to the industry day at EGX and catch up with a load of people and check out some of the awesome games. Looking forward to seeing Eden Star back down at some of the shows next year!

Matt – Art Director

Designs for the updated world are really getting the juices flowing. We’ve been working towards a solid critical path for the new locations in the rest of the map as we continue to develop the foundations for how they play in the beginning area/zone. Needless to say there is a lot of trial and error as we reach for the best results.

Variations of these locations will come in many flavours, from slight theme changes to the bases above or below ground, maybe even in the form of caverns. The later part of the week has been dedicated to planning out visuals for several creature/enemy types that will fill the gaps we have when it comes to the overall tropes in the game.

Lee – Technical Director

I’ve been helping with planning what are the needs of the AI for the first encounter section of the game when the player begins. Working out which bits we need scripted and which parts the AI can handle on its own.

Joe – Lead Artist

Been working through idea boards for our vehicle types/classes. This is super secret stuff so I really should be saying… nothing at all, nothing at all. Stupid sexy Flanders..

Tristan – Lead Developer

The adventure continues, took the wife mountaineering for the honeymoon <3 top that people. Will be back next week to bring order to the chaos.

Ricky – Senior Developer

Converting consumable weapon grenade prototypes to c++, this has been going back and forth for a while but is getting there now. I’ve also been trying to find time to debug the inventory system update.

Alex – Designer

I’ve been carrying on with texturing the “Maintenance” modular set, It’s been a whole load on modeling high poly trim sheets and tile sets, baking normals, unwrapping, crying at crashes, optimizing models, tweaking shapes and silhouettes. But it is all coming together as a pretty cool cohesive and thematic set that will hopefully impress all of you ES fans :).

Lauren – Lead Animator

Continued refining attack anims for the 3rd person whilst fighting a demonic cough!

Andy – Lead QA

Spreadsheets, spreadsheets and more spreadsheets. I managed to get into the editor for a hot minute this week to help Matt with the terrain rework and doing lots of paper designs for the players critical path through the level.

See you in the fray!

-Team Flix