September Development Update 5!

Greetings Pioneers!

Several serious development scrum meetings later.. More progress fleshing out artwork for the bases and the overall layout of the terrain across the environment. Previously we had discussed the potential system the vehicles would use and the designs behind those, we’re now at a stage where we’re putting concept art together for the final vehicle types we have defined.

Here is what everyone has been upto:

John – Lead Designer

Whilst the team are well into polishing off a lot of the existing playable structures I’ve been organising game mechanic reviews and milestones for missing content. This just means everyone will get a more focused experience at the end of development as we focus on the core of what makes Eden Star different and enjoyable! Big thank you to everyone who is sticking with us through this quality shift.

Matt – Art Director

There’s a distinct lack of pretty pictures for this weeks blog.. never fear however! Lots of things going on behind the scenes, so there will be plenty to come. We’ve started piecing together vehicle concepts and massive landscape improvements that we’ll cast upon your eyes when they are better developed.

My main focus for the week has been guiding the continuity for the the new vehicle artwork, terrain and the lighting re-adjustments for the new artwork passes. everything is being designed to surpass the quality we’ve already set to date.

Lee – Technical Director

This week I have been continuing my work on testing and tweaking the spawning code so it can handle all the eventualities we want it for. I’ve also begun work on merging the UE4.17 version of the engine into our code base.

Tristan – Lead Developer

This week I have been working through production tasks with John and Andy in order to work out what features we want to start getting in for our next set of releases. Exciting stuff.

Yves – Senior Developer

I’ve been working on the objective system, there’s a lot to get done, we’re only 85% the way through.

Alex – Designer

Carrying on from last week, unwrapping and texturing the maintenance modular set, now i’ve almost completed the set It’s easier to see what models need tweaking and having more detail added to them. Especially running around them with the characters in the scene.

We’re doing this to make sure we are using all our poly’s to maximum effect. Once this task is finished i’ll start on doing a roughness and metalness pass so that everything looks a little less uniform.

Lauren – Lead Animator

This week we have been continuing with the 3rd person Axe melee and discussing designs and animations for the finishing moves that will be able to be performed when the AI you are attacking is at low health.

Andy – Lead QA

I’ve been working in editor on the terrain changes in order to form the quarried lake behind the dam which has been fun, but slightly problematic.

Midweek we had a really productive design meeting which covered all aspects of Eden Star and formulated the MVP for our next release.

See you in the fray!

-Team Flix