v0.2.7 Hotfix Released! Server launch fix & more <3

Greetings Pioneers!

Thank you for your patience, we regretfully had to revert our last update because of a game breaking issue launching servers. Alas this has been resolved properly and with some extra testing we’re now happy to roll out the latest update.

This includes some additional changes ontop! Included in our updated changelist below.

As you may of noticed, we’re focusing on game stability issues as a priority over new features lately. This is to ensure the game is enjoyable for you to play in the mean time while we begin to implement new content and systems in a responsible way.

As always you can keep a track of progress on the new features and feedback here.

Full changelist:

  • Added ‘Initialising’ label for server screen when a server has not fully loaded

  • Moved hive spawner out of C21 Base location
  • Increased player inventory slot limit from 78 > 100

  • Crash fixes.
  • Fix for decorator holograms that intersect with other objects displaying as blue when they should be red.
  • Fixed an infinite loop which would cause games to hang/crash or the server to hang/crash when building outside of A.I. navigation areas.
  • Fix for Ability to dupe items with the transfer all button.
  • Fix for ‘unknown error’ pop up sometimes appearing when crafting in a utility.
  • Fix for being unable to click the Craft button multiple times without selecting a new item first
  • Fix for Eden Kit placement not always claiming all blocks under the shield.
  • Fixed Deployment UI unusable with > around 10 Replication Units, as the list would disappear offscreen.
  • Fix for durability factor applying health incorrectly to blocks when changed.
  • Fix for when damaging abandoned colony bases caused them to heal instead.
  • Player character optimisations.
  • Cleaned up duplicate foliage actors which were causing needless amounts of traffic on the server.
  • Optimised foliage replication logic to improve server performance
  • Cleaned up asset collisions to improve navigation.
  • Removed unneeded AI volumes from outside playable area (should reduce load times slightly).
  • Multiple multiplayer optimisations (this will be ongoing).
  • Possible fix for sometimes walking on water (Jesus bug)
  • Fix for being able to build underwater (it was a bug that you could).
  • Fix for energy blade audio remaining on sometimes.
  • Potential fix for persistent laser turret PFX.
  • Fix for VR apps launching with the game when they shouldn’t.
  • Fixed several bugs incorrect actor collisions and placements in the level.
  • Fixed several places the player could get stuck.
  • Fixed a bug where you could place Laser Posts on top of each other indefinitely
  • UI memory optimisations for Dropbag UI in the UI Menu

See you in the fray!

– Team Flix